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Fall V. 

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Fall 1981 Volume 10 Number 3 

Prepared for the Worst 3 

MCVH's Emergency Room is a place where things can happen 
fast and everyone must practice his profession to its limits. 

Milo 9 

Thirty-three paintings spanning three decades; twenty-eight are 
very similar. 

Commencement '81 14 

Baruj Benacerraf, M.D., 1945 graduate and 1980 recipient of the 
Nobel Prize in Medicine and Physiology addresses the class 
of 1981. 

Sports: A look at the Rams 17 

Did You Know 19 

Whatever Happened To 26 

Nancy J. Hartman, Editor 

James L. Dunn, Director of Alumni Activities 

Betsy F. Sweet, Assistant to the Director 

Mary Margaret C. Fosmark, Alumni Records Officer 

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. ^Xa^ 

"Working here is either boring 
or sheer terror," states Dr. Joseph 
V. Boykin (medicine 1976), the 
resident on duty in the emergency 
room. "The patients seem to come 
in waves. Sometimes there is no 
one occupying a bed and some- 
times all 14 beds are full and 
people are waiting in the hall." 

"The image of an emergency 
room is one of everyone busy all 
the time. That's not true. But 
when it is busy, watch out. 
Everyone moves," adds Liz Scott, 
R.N. clinician, who has worked in 
the ER for over three years. 

According to physicians and 
nurses, the ER is an exciting 
place. It is a place where things 
can happen fast and everyone 
must practice his profession to its 


for the 

A call comes in from a rescue 
team or HEAR (Hospital 
Emergency Assistance Radio). 
The ambulance is less than 15 
minutes away, and they are 
bringing in a man in his mid-40's, 
alcohol on his breath, who just 
drove headfirst into another car 
on a two-lane road. He has a 
severe head injury; the other 
victims were taken to St. Luke's 
Hospital, but MCV is the best 
facility to take care of head 

Quickly the information is 
passed on to a physician as the 
nurse monitoring the call decides 
the man needs to be brought into 
the "blue" ER (major trauma 
section). Preparations are begun 
for this patient, but it's Friday 
night and another call comes in. 
Another accident, three people 
are being brought in, in less than 
ten minutes. 

"ER is always prepared for the 
worst and we respond accord- 
ingly," says Scott, "but it's nice to 
know what you'll be facing in a 
few minutes." 

A decision is made to wait to 
call the neurosurgery team until 
after the head-injured man is 
wheeled through the doors, but a 
call to alert the team is placed. It 
will take less than five minutes for 

the team to be in ER after the 
patient has arrived. 

They will quickly assess the 
emergency and determine the 
most major problem; the problem 
that needs to be corrected first. A 
team member then takes over 
responsibility for the patient's 

"It is here that you practice 
your profession, that you are 
active in patient care," says 
Boykin. "We work as a team, and 
it is recognized as such." 

Brenda Strohl, administrator for 
the emergency rooms, notes that 
the use of HEAR allows the 
physician to be the active care 
taker not only after the patient is 
brought to the hospital, but be- 

Emergency medical technicians 
(EMTs) call in the vital signs so 
the emergency room physician 
knows what's going on and can 
instruct them in the best patient 
care while being transported to 
the hospital. "What used to be 
classified as a lethal accident need 
not be insurmountable now," 
says Boykin. 

Over 85,000 people visit the 
MCV Hospitals emergency rooms 
each year and over 40 percent of 
these people need to be admitted 
to the hospital. 

"We do have times when the 
flu hits and the rooms are filled 
with people who don't have a 
regular physician but need care," 
says Strohl. "That's one of our 
functions, because it's an 
emergency for that person, re- 
gardless if we consider it an 

A triage nurse, who specializes 
in analyzing the severity of a 
patient's complaints, helps to in- 
sure persons with minor com- 
plaints do not have more compli- 
cated problems. 

Also to insure minor complaints 
are not overlooked, all patients 
with abdominal pain are sent to 
the major trauma sections of the 
emergency room complex. 

The complex is divided into 
four units, each color coded for 
easy reference. The blue ER is for 
major traumas; the red, for car- 
diac arrests, asthmatics and sickle 
cell problems; orange, for minor 


traumas, such as fractures and 
abrasions; and the green ER for 
lesser medical problems, such as 
colds, rashes and insect bites. 

Many paramedic teams use 
MCV as their base for getting 
quick, reliable assistance even if 
their patient is to be taken to 
another hospital. One example is 
the constant use of the telemetry 
unit in the medical trauma sec- 
tions. Many of the rescue teams 
call MCV for advice on the 
procedures to follow for a cardiac 
patient, but only 50 percent of the 
patients are taken to the hospitals' 
emergency room. 

According to Strohl, this re- 
lationship does not hurt MCV, 
but helps since the paramedics do 
have good working relationships 
with hospital staff and trust the 
competence of staff. "In fact," she 
notes, "it's quite a compliment." 

As the designated regional 
trauma center for eastern Virginia, 
MCV Hospitals receives 
emergency cases from all over 
Virginia. These cases involve per- 

' (^ 

sons who have been injured in 
accidents on the interstates, shot, 
or burned. In these instances 
paramedics know to take the 
victims to MCV because 24 hour 
services are available even for the 
worst cases. In some instances, a 
patient brought in by a rescue 
team may have been diagnosed as 
needing immediate specialized 
care by the ER physician and is 
taken directly to the appropriate 
ward for care. 

But even a routine patient, one 
with a common cold, receives 
prompt attention. For instance, 
vital signs are taken within six 
minutes of a person's arrival in 
ER. This is because every com- 
plaint is taken seriously and "no 
one knows what has come 
through the doors," says Scott. 

"ER is the place to practice 
medicine. It is acute care and a 
physician or nurse can do some- 
thing positive, something tangi- 
ble, that can be seen," adds 
Boykin. "It is exciting, an adven- 
ture, and it's needed." 


Milo F. Russell, professor of 
painting, is considered an "artist's 
artist, possibly the most univer- 
sally respected of Richmond's 
major painters," wrote Robert 
Merritt, Richmond Times Dispatch 
art critic, when Russell's retros- 
pective exhibit opened at the 1708 
East Main Gallery in Richmond. 

This show, according to gallery 
director Janet Bailey, was the 
most successful show of its kind 
in the city. Thirty-three paintings 
spanning three decades of Rus- 
sell's work hung on the gallery 

The collection was impressive 
in part because twenty-eight of 
the pieces were very similar; they 
featured a single figure facing the 
viewer, but not looking at the 
viewer. The collection showed 
Russell's style has not deviated 
much from his works of twenty 
years ago. The original visual and 
philosophical foundations which 
were used as the base for his first 
paintings are reflected repeti- 
tiously in his later paintings. "I've 
painted one way all my life," says 
Russell. "It's not something that 
is a matter of choice. I do it 
because it's the only thing I can 

"I get all the art magazines, and 
I read them. I get all the books, 
and I'm aware of what's going on. 
But I paint the way I paint," says 

Russell notes that painting isn't 
fun — it's compulsive. It is some- 
thing he has to do, and it's very 
painful. "There is always a let- 
down when I finish a painting. 
I've never been able to do a 
painting and step back and say 
'that's a good painting'." In fact 
Russell destroys eight out of ten 
paintings. The exhibit's catalogue 
contained a brief biography, writ- 
ten by a colleague of Russell's, 
Charles R. Renick, professor of 
sculpture at VCU, which helps 
explain this inner man. 

1. Untitled Oil On Canvas 50%" x 35V4" 1976 

2. Untitled Oil On Canvas 38%" x 32" 1973 

"Milo Russell probably will not 
attend the opening of this exhi- 
bition and perhaps not visit the 
gallery while his paintings are 
on display. One finds no Milo 
RusseUs hanging on the walls of 
his home, and in his studio all 
of the paintings are turned to 
the wall. The reason seems to 
be a genuine abhorrence of 
what he has created. 

He expresses it this way, "My 
work is sick. I cannot live with 
what I have done. I certainly 
cannot handle other people's 

reactions, whether favorable or 

Both Milo and his paintings 
refuse to intrude. He reminds 
me of the gardener in "The 
Peter Principle" who always 
planted the purchase order with 
the shrub. This simple device 
prevented his being promoted, 
and he therefore could continue 
to do that thing which he loved 
to do and which he did best. 

I know of no one who has 

succeeded quite so well at 
consistently avoiding con- 
troversy and the entanglements 
of campus politics or anyone 
who has so beautifully ordered 
his life so that he could concen- 
trate upon his work. He has a 
modest home, one wife, one 
child, and a studio which is 
perfectly suited to his needs. 
Why does he work so hard 
and with such obsessive zeal 
when the result is frequently 
painful? Not just the result, but 


i '/ 

3. Landscape Oil On Canvas 241/2" x I8V2" 1952 

4. Untitled Oil On Canvas MVt" x 37' 1977 
Landscape Oil On Canvas 29%" x 35" 1977 
Untitled Oil On Canvas 201/2" x 17' 1978 
UnHtled Oil On Canvas 421/2" x 361/2" 1974 
Landscape Oil On Canvas 241/2" x I81/2" 1953 

also the process? Fortunately 
for us he seems to have no 
other choice. 

There is a special quality 
about Milo ... a drive, a 
desire, an ability to focus which 
is unusual even in a community 
of people with these qualities. 
Milo's obsession to paint is 
what sets him apart. 

He has probably destroyed 
more of his own paintings than 
most painters will ever paint in 

their lifetime. There is an ele- 
ment of doubt and uncertainty 
involved in his feelings about 
his own work. This manifests 
itself in constant revision of his 
paintings, ("They are never 
finished"), destruction of those 
paintings which are too painful 
for him to look upon, and the 
purchase of every new book 
which promises to provide 
some key to the task of making 
a painting. This constant re- 
search has resulted in an un- 
usually intense awareness of 
the complexities involved in 

making a painting. 

Even though MOo may al- 
ways be searching and doubt- 
ful, his paintings, at least those 
which survive, are solid, en- 
during statements by an artist 
who seems to know precisely 
what he is about. 

Milo is a fine teacher, but his 
paintings are even more in- 
structive. One always leaves an 
encounter with either Milo or 
his work with an intense desire 
to paint. 



9. Untitled Oil On Canvas 46" x 36" 1973 

Anyone who makes art must 
believe that there is, or some- 
day will be, at least one other 
person who will be able to hear, 
touch, or see that which one 
has done and, in turn, respond 
to it and know what it was one 
tried to say. 

It has been our great good 
fortune to have had Milo Rus- 
sell to serve as that other 

Russell's paintings are done in 
earth tones, and the blues, yel- 
lows, reds, and greens are either 
very pale or transparent so the 
viewer's attention is brought to 

the surface itself, notes James A. 
Bradford, associate professor of 
painting at VCU. 

Most of Russell's work contains 
a formal figure. This figure is 
carefully arranged in the painting 
and is placed in an interior which 
is carefully organized. The interior 
has distorted perceptions which 
all but eliminate depth. 

And the figures all have very 
large eyes. But the eyes never 
look at the viewer; they are 
always illusive. Accorcling to 
Morris Yarowsky, professor of 

painting at VCU, in Arts hi 
Virginia, published by the Virginia 

"The figures seem to want to 
make statements, to utter some- 
thing meaningful, but we can't 
know what it is. The nature of 
the collaboration between figure 
and environment is wholly 
mundane. The figure shifts 
around in its pictorial environ- 
ment, but ever so slightly; it is 
seated or standing, it faces to 
the left in this painting or to the 
right in that, it is either slightly 
to the left or the right of the 
central vertical axis. In all of its 


10. Untitled Oil On Canvas 481/2" x 4OV2" 1977 

11. Landscape Oil On Canvas 40%" x 46y2" 1978 





positions, which are repeated 
ritualistically throughout the 
body of work, the most com- 
monplace paraphernalia of "at- 
homeness" surround the figure: 
books, lamps, windows, 
flowers, small paintings on the 
walls — echoing their contain- 

Something of the paintings' 
most interior meanings must be 
conveyed in the oddly frozen 
gaze of these personages. They 
are staring out at the viewer in 

a limited number of attitudes — 
directly, or glancing obliquely 
at some distant, unknowable 
point in space. The figure 
seems immersed in the midst 
of a thought which has no 
form and which will reach no 
completion. The unsettling, 
blinkless stare of each figure 
makes no statement that can be 
heard, interpreted, or rationally 
comprehended by the viewer. 
Nevertheless, the "illusion" of 
understanding and meaning is 
present, and the viewer is given 
the means to enter into the 

painter's unrrvistakable expres- 
sive depth." 

Merrit summed up Russell's 
talent when he wrote, "He has 
achieved a kind of perfection that 
one seldom finds among living 

The editor acknowledges and 
thanks the 1708 East Main Gallery 
for the use of the excerpted copy. 



When Dr. Baruj Benacerraf 
(medicine 1945) addressed the 3,300 
graduates of Virginia Commomvealth 
University in May 1981, his message 
was clear. As one of three to share 
the 1980 Nobel Prize in Medicine 
and Physiology, he reflected on 
medical developments, the dynamics 
of research, and the need for scientists 
to continue intellectual pursuits. 

Benacerraf, chairman of the 
Harvard Department of Pathology, 
and president of the Sidney Farber 
Cancer Institute, shared the Nobel 
Prize with Dr. George Snell of the 
Jackson Laboratory in Bar Harbor, 
Maine, and Dr. Jean Daussit of the 
Immunological Laboratory of St. Louis 
Hospital in Paris, France. The prize 
was awarded for their discoveries 
on how genetically determined cell 
structures determine whether a 
person successfully combats cancer 
and other diseases. 

Dr. Baruj Benacerraf 

I feel greatly honored by 
privilege of presenting this 
mencement address. 


It is with great emotion that I 
return to Richmond on an occa- 
sion which brings back fond 
memories of my own graduation 
from this institution with an M.D. 
degree in 1945. 

I found myself then at the same 
point in my life as you find 
yourself today — at the threshold 
of my career with feelings of 
happiness and expectation, but 
not without some apprehension 
about whether I would be able to 
successfully meet the challenges 
that lay ahead. Graduation time is 
an occasion to pause and think, to 
rejoice in one's achievement, to 
prepare for the future and, last 
but not least, to express one's 
gratitude to the institution which 
has nurtured one intellectually 
and spiritually. 

1 want to take this opportunity, 
I as 1 remember my experience at 


the Medical College of Virginia, to 
express my feelings of deep ap- 
preciation for the opportunities 
given me and the excellent medi- 
cal education I received here. 

In 1942 I graduated from Col- 
umbia University, having met my 
premedical requirements, and I 
sought admission to medical 

As is the case today, there were 
far more applicants than available 
positions. Moreover, the task for 
me was rendered all the more 
challenging by the fact that I was 
a foreigner, a refugee from the 
Hitlerian war in Europe. 1 was 
very much discouraged when, in 
spite of an excellent scholastic 
record at Columbia University, I 
failed to gain admission to any of 
the 15 medical schools to which I 
had applied. Mr. George W. 
Bakeman, then assistant to Presi- 
dent Sanger at the Medical Col- 
lege of Virginia and who was the 
father of a close friend of mine, 
suggested that I come im- 
mediately to Richmond for inter- 
views. There were two openings 
left in the freshman class, and I 
was immensely fortunate to have 
been admitted on the basis of Mr. 
Bakeman's recommendation. 
Then began three wonderful years 
at the medical college, which was 
on a war-time accelerated 
schedule. I was introduced to 
many fascinating subjects in biol- 
ogy and medicine which stimu- 
lated my ambition to become a 
scientist and to contribute, if 1 
could, to medical knowledge. 

I chose to study immunology 
which, as you know, is the branch 
of medicine which deals with our 
ability to develop specific de- 
fenses against infectious agents 
and their toxic products and, as 
we have learned more recently, 
with our ability also to detect and 
destroy cancer cells as they arise. 

It has been a very exciting 
experience as our understanding 
of immunology has made drama- 
tic progress in this period, 
matched only by those in 
molecular biology and genetics. 
To give you an idea of the 

progress in this discipline, when I 
was in medical school we did not 
know the nature of anti-bodies. 
We had not identified where the 
cells are made, nor the 
mechanisms that regulate im- 
mune responses, or the basis of 
our ability to form such responses 
against foreign invaders while 
avoiding immunity to self. We 
had only barely begun to under- 
stand the immunological basis of 
allergy. In the last 30 years I have 
experienced the delight of witnes- 
sing when each of these problems 
and many others were resolved. 1 
was uniquely privileged also to 
have contributed some of the 
solutions in my laboratory, 
working with my younger asso- 
ciates. I would like to share with 
you today the excitement of dis- 
covering for the first time some of 
nature's secrets, which is the 
highest reward that can be 
achieved in the laboratory. I wish 
that I could make you feel the 
anticipation and the pleasure 
which accompanies the first ink- 
ling that a new scientific obser- 
vation has been made. I wish you 
could experience the scientist's 
hopes and despair and the scien- 
tist's obsession with the problem 
to be resolved. These are the 
scientist's existence until nature 
has finally yielded its secret. 
Scientific research is otherwise a 
very arduous and hazardous pro- 
fession, since success is never 
guaranteed and competition 
among gifted scientists for limited 
results and resources is generally 
very keen. Nevertheless the satis- 
faction of original discovery and 
of contributing to the sum of 
human knowledge, however 
rarely experienced, are well worth 
all the toil and risks undertaken. I 
hope that I am able today to 
motivate some of you to under- 
take a career in research, even in 
these times when the outlook for 
financial support for biochemical 
research from Federal sources is 
less favorable than in previous 

American medicine had, by the 
time I entered medical school, 
made immense progress thanks to 
Abraham Flexner's fundamental 
influence which helped create the 
scientific basis for medical knowl- 
edge and medical practice in 
America. In 1942 this enlightened 
attitude had already yielded in- 
valuable medical advances, far 
smaller, however, than those we 
have achieved and enjoyed in the 
past forty years which span my 
training and career as a physician 
and scientist. 

It was already accepted in 1942 
that physicians had to be trained 
first in the basic sciences relevant 
to medicine in order to practice 
quality medicine. There were, 
nevertheless, numerous diseases 
for which we could do nothing. 

I would like, with your permis- 
sion, to compare the types of 
illnesses patients had in hospitals 
when I was a medical student in 
the 1940s with those treated 
today. You will appreciate the 
enormous scientific advances that 
have been made in my generation 
in our fight against disease. 

My medical training began be- 
fore the realization of the full 
impact which antibiotics and new 
vaccines have on infectious dis- 
eases, before the development of 
the effective treatment for hyper- 
tension we have today, before the 
discovery of chemotherapeutic 
agents now active on many can- 
cers, before the development of 
the highly skilled techniques of 
cardiac surgery. As a conse- 
quence, as a student and a house 
officer I saw numerous young 
patients die of tuberculosis or be 
crippled by poliomyelitis or by 
rheumatic heart disease. I saw 
many patients for whom the 
diagnosis of leukemia was equiv- 
alent to a death sentence. I 
watched helplessly as many pa- 
tients died of kidney failure be- 
cause they could not receive 
kidney transplants. 

Major advances in biomedical 
science were achieved largely in 
the United States in my lifetime. 
Such achievements are undoubt- 
edly the result of the scientific ap- 


proach to medicine and of the 
enlightened support of the Fed- 
eral government for biomedical 
research and training. There is 
every expectation that more prog- 
ress of a similar dramatic nature 
will result from the continuance of 
Federal support of medical re- 
search and training. 

Unfortunately, there are strong 
indications that traditional sup- 
port of research in American 
universities will decrease as our 
government faces budgetary con- 

Far more serious is the recent 
news from Washington indicating 
that the support of training for 
higher degrees in biomedical sci- 
ences and in other fields will be 
drastically cut and may be discon- 

Indeed, faced with budgetary 
constraints, the tendency has 
been to drastically cut Federal 
support for training in American 
universities. This attitude has 
been motivated both by short- 
term practical considerations and 
by political reasons. Because a cut- 
down in training support has only 
long-term consequences on our 
scientific programs, it has been 
expedient to cut down on training 
funds. Expedient, 1 will grant, but 
short-sighted, because the dam- 
age to our scientific and technical 
capabilities caused by failing to 
train younger generations will 
necessarily cripple our scientific 
and industrial establishment and 
will compromise the position of 
leadership we have achieved in 
many fields. It will also cause our 
universities to deteriorate in qual- 
ity and effectiveness. These tragic 
consequences will be the material 
rewards of short-sighted mistaken 
policies, not to speak of the 
ethical consideration that this fail- 
ure to support higher education is 
also grossly unfair to new genera- 
tions of young people who may 
not be given the same opportun- 
ity to develop their best intellec- 
tual skills as previous generations. 

To justify such cuts in training 
support, we hear the argument 
that it is not up to the federal 
government to support training 
for higher degrees, and that such 

training should be supported by 
private loans to the students — 
loans to be repaid when they have 
earned their degree and have an 
appropriate income to permit re- 
payment of loans. This argument 
simply does not stand up to close 
scrutiny. The salaries of many 
graduates of universities, other 
than M.D.'s in private practice, 
are very low. Many Ph.D. gradu- 
ates, after years of dedicated 
efforts, cannot earn large enough 
salaries while working for univer- 
sities or research institutions to 
permit the repayment of loans 
and the support of their families. 
Yet, these individuals represent a 
national asset more valuable to 
our national and economic wel- 
fare than the gold in Fort Knox. 

The willingness of industry and 
of private sources to support 
graduate training in universities at 
a scale needed to make up for the 
loss we will sustain in the years to 
come from curtaOment of Federal 
training support is not apparent 
today. The teaching function of 
our universities is therefore 
threatened by the curtailment of 
training support at a time when 
university budgets are under in- 
creased pressure. It is critical, 
therefore, to the survival of 
American universities and to their 
ability to continue their traditional 
functions in the development and 
perpetuation of knowledge in our 
society that they give the highest 
priority to the identification and 
generation of funds to support 
training in science and other 
disciplines. Universities must, 
therefore, present their case in 
Washington again and attempt to 
reverse the ill-advised policies to 
curtail Federal support of training. 
But as it is unrealistic to expect 
that such an effort will succeed, 
we must strive to generate other 
funds for this critical goal. Ameri- 
can industry and business are the 
appropriate partners for the uni- 
versities in this respect, as indus- 
try and business stand most to 
lose from the future lack of 

trained personnel in the most 
advanced technological fields. 
These institutions have histori- 
cally benefited most from Ameri- 
can technological breakthroughs 
carried out in American univer- 
sities with Federal support. How- 
ever, because of the nature of 
universities and American busi- 
ness enterprises today, it is un- 
realistic to expect that this type of 
partnership will be achieved eas- 
ily. New insights have to be 
gained in the true nature of 
self-interest. New patterns of re- 
lationships mutually profitable to 
the university and business have 
to evolve which will guarantee the 
university's traditional freedom 
and independence while provid- 
ing industry with enough incen- 
tives and benefits to stimulate the 
development of such partner- 

Many of you will be involved in 
shaping the destinies of institu- 
tions of learning and of major 
corporations. Many may find 
yourselves charged with the trust 
of managing our government. 
You should remember that you 
were once students and that the 
university generously provided 
you with wonderful training and 
with an education in its broadest 
sense. Here you learned that 
there are no limits to knowledge 
and no barriers to intellectual 
speculation, that there is no 
dogma which cannot be subjected 
to rational criticism, and that 
nothing is to be accepted as being 
true which cannot be substan- 
tiated openly and without reser- 
vation. It is your responsibility to 
preserve and protect these uni- 
versities from which you have 
profited so much and which 
constitute our most valuable re- 
sources. Most importantly it is 
your duty to insure that the 
coming generations will enjoy the 
same and possibly better oppor- 
tunities than you have had in 
their attempt to develop their 
individual intellectual and aca- 
demic potentialities. 

It is the vigor of our univer- 
sities, and principally of their 
student bodies, that will preserve 
our national well-being and our 
intellectual freedoms. 


VCU Annual Fund Report 
1 980-81 

VCU Annual Fund Report 1 980-81 

It is my pleasure to inform you that alumni and 
friends of the university contributed $296,281 .33 
to the 1980-81 Annual Fund. This represents a 
39% increase over the amount contributed in 
1979-80. I express my sincere gratitude to those 
who financially supported the goals of the 
university during the 1980-81 fund year. 

Virginia Commonwealth University must de- 
pend upon private financial support to achieve 
many of its goals. Funding from state appropri- 
ations and student tuition and fees is not 
sufficient to build and maintain a first-rate 
comprehensive university. 

We must ask you, our alumni and friends, for 
financial assistance to help make this university 
what we all rightfully expect it to be. I hope we 
will deserve your continuing support in 1981-82. 
If you have not previously contributed to the 
annual giving program, I encourage you to 
consider doing so in the future. You can help 
your alma mater achieve its goals. 

Edmund F. Ackell, D.M.D. 


Summary of Annual Fund Totals 

Contributions to the 1980-81 VCU Annual 
Fund totaled $296,281.33. In addition, 
$12,999.69 was contributed through the Anneri- 
can Medical Association's Educational Re- 
search Fund. 

Alumni contributed $1 12,804.55 or 38 percent 
of the total while other individuals gave 
$61 ,967.41 or 21 percent of the total. Other 
sources contributed $120,509.37. 

The table below lists gifts by purpose 
designated by the donors. Gifts which are 
unrestricted are used throughout the university 
where needs are greatest. Restricted gifts 
represent those to particular funds, the MCV 
Foundation, the RPI Foundation, scholarship 
and loan funds and other designated purposes. 

Percentage of Contributors 


/ \\ ^Religious Groups 

/ \ \ 20 

/ Non-Alumni \ \ 

Gift by Purpose 

Annual Fund 1980-81 

/ Individuals \ Other Groups & Sources 

/ 10.16 \ 1.80 




Business & General Welfare Foundations 



$ 26.502,75 


Corporations 28 

School of Allied 






School of the Arts 




School of Arts 

and Sciences 




School of Basic 





School of Business 




Percentage of Total Contributed 

School of Community 





School of Dentistry 




^ __^^ 

School of Education 




^^^^^^ ^^^^\^ 

School of tvledicine 




^^^^ \. 

School of Nursing 




^^^r >v 

School of Pharmacy 




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School of Social Work 




^^^\. \ 

tVledical College 
of Virginia 




m \. Alumni \ 





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Religious Groups 

Other Groups & Sources 

Business & Corporations 

General Welfare Foundations 

The Annual Fund and You 

The VCU Annual Fund provides alumni and 
friends the opportunity to financially support 
those areas of the university in which they are 
most interested. 

All contributions will be used as specified by 
the donor. Gifts may be designated for use by a 
specific campus, school, department, or fund. 
Gifts with no restrictions are used in areas of 
greatest need determined by the president. 

Contributions may also be made to increase 
existing endowment funds held by the MCV 
Foundation and by the RPI Foundation. Such 
gifts increase the foundations' annual endow- 
ment incomes, which are used to support many 
worthwhile programs and projects. 

Should you have questions concerning your 
annual fund contribution or wish to know other 
ways you might support the university, please 

Director of the Annual Fund 
Virginia Commonwealth University 
Richmond, Virginia 23284 


Roll of Donors 

We appreciate and gratefully acknowledge 
the support of alumni, friends, corporations, and 
organizations who contributed to the 1980 VCU 
Annual Fund. Their names are listed in the 
pages of this report. 

While we have made every attempt to assure 
accuracy in this roll of donors, we apologize for 
any omissions and oversights. If errors have 
occurred, we would appreciate their being 
called to our attention. 

Please report such information to the VCU 
Annual Fund, Virginia Commonwealth Univer- 
sity, Richmond, Virginia 23284, or telephone 


AMF Incorporated 

Abbott Laboratories Fund 

Mr. William H. AbelotI 

Mr. Jimmie B. Abernathy 

Mr. Edmund A. Abramovitz 

Dr. Edmund F. Ackell 

Dr. William Ackerman 

Capt. and Mrs. Robert C. Acuff 

Mr. Carlton M. Adams 

Mrs. Cula M. Adams 

Dr. James B. Adams 

Ms. Lori A. Adams 

Mrs. Marjorie B. Adams 

Mrs. Mary Sue Adams 

Mrs. Susan E. Adams 

Mr. Stanley V. Adams 

Mr. William A. Adams, Jr. 

Mr. Henry W. Addington, Jr. 

Mrs. Lara G. Addison 

Dr. Robert S. Adelaar 

Miss Jeanie L. Adkerson 

The Advertising Club of Richmond, Inc. 

Mr. Hener B. Agnew 

Dr. Andrew T. Aitcheson 

Mr. Isaac O. Ajijola 

Mr. G. Roger Akers 

Dr. Gregory S. Akers 

Mrs. Martha Jane S. Albus 

Dr. Linden 0. Alexander 

Dr. David F. Alexick 

Allen, Allen, Allen and Allen 

Dr. B. Randolph Allen 

Dr. Charles D. Allen 

Mr. Dennis W. Allen 

Mrs. Dorothy J. Allen 

Dr. Hayden P. Allen 

Dr. Herbert C. Allen, Jr. 

Mr. James L. Allen 

Miss Mae Ellen Allen 

Ms. Mary Jane Allen 

Mrs. Patricia M. Allen 

Mrs. Sandra D. Allen 

Mrs. Nancy M. Alley 

Allied Chemical Foundation 

Miss Mary Ann Allison 

Dr. Fred G. Alouf, Jr. 

Dr. Guy L. Alphin 

Miss Elizabeth W. Altman 

Mrs. Heath S. Altsman 

American Council on Education 

American Society of Real Estate 

Dr. J. Wilson Ames, Jr. 
Dr. John W. Ames, Jr. 
Dr. Richard K. Ames 
Dr. Edward S. Amrhein 

Arthur Andersen and Company 

Miss Christine K. Andersen 
Mr. Carl G. Anderson 
Mr. and Mrs. David Anderson 
Mr. James E. Anderson, Jr. 
Dr. Ralph L. Anderson 
Dr. and Mrs. John Andrako 
Mr. Michael A. Andreoli 
Mrs. Fay L. Andrews 
Mrs. Julie H. Andrews 
Miss Susan Andrews 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Anusbigian 
Miss Laura M. Apt 
Mr. Lee B. Armistead 
Dr. R. Lewis Arminstead III 
Mrs. Violet W. Arnold 
Mrs. Lois F. Arundel 
Dr. J. Duncan Ashe II 
Dr. James T. Ashwell 
Dr. Ronald L. Askowitz 
Association for Systems Management 
Mrs. Margaret M. Atkinson 
Dr. Richard L. Atkinson, Jr. 
Atlantic Rural Exposition, Inc. 
Dr. Wendy C. Ault 
Mrs. Hannah R. AurtDach 
Mr. Gabriel G. Auricles 
Mr. Kenneth H. Axtell 
Ms. Ann O. Ayer 


Mrs. Joan W. Bache 

Mrs. Alma C. Baetz 

Mr. David E. Bagby, Jr. 

Mr. Carlton J. Bagley, Jr. 

Ms. Donna L. Bailey 

Mr. Emmett C. V. Bailey, Jr. 

Dr. George L. Bailey 

Dr. Robert F. Baima 

Dr. James H. Baird 

Mr. Charies A. Baker 

Dr. Everett W. Baker 

Mr. M. Lee Baker 

Miss Nancy G. Baker 

Mrs. Pat O. Baker 

Dr. Robert E. Baker 

Baldacci Enterprises, Inc. 

Mr. Stanley R. Balderson, Jr. 

Dr. David L. Ballard 

Dr. J. Leonard Balser 

Dr. Charles L, Baltimore 

Ms. Betsy A. Bampton 

Dr. William M. Bangel 

Bank of Virginia 

Bank of Virginia Trust Company 

Mr. J. Matthew H. Banner 

Mr. Julian W Banton 

Miss Elaine M. Bartxiur 

Mrs. Virginia L. Bardin 

Miss Inez G. Barge 

Mr. Edward D. Bariow 

Col. Matthew J. Bartow, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Clyde L. Barnes 

Mr. and Mrs. Eddie N. Barnes 

Dr. George P. Barnes III 

Ms. Joy M. Barnes 

Dr. Letcher B, Barnes 

Mrs. Frances K. Bamett 

Dr. Samuel G. Baroody, Jr. 

Dr. Randall G. Barre 

Miss Margot J.Barrett 

Mr. Matthew A. Barrett 

Mrs. Sara B. Barrios 

Dr. Guy J. Banrow 

Dr. Homer Bartley 

Ms. Ethel L. Bass 

Dr. Hampton R. Bates, Jr. 

Cmdr. Marion D. Bates 

Dr. William H. Batte, Jr. 

Mr. L. Wayne Batty 

Miss Estelle V. Bauer 

Mrs. Mary L. Baughan 

Mrs. Emily H. Baxter 

Mr. Robert E. Baxter 

Dr. Richard N. Baylor 

Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Baynton 

Mr. Sam T. Beale 

Dr. John D. Beall 

Dr. Yancy B Beamer 

Miss Grace M. Beans 

Mr. Stewart E. Beanum 

Mr. Roy M. Beard 

Mrs. Margaret M.Beattie 

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel A. Beau 

Mr. Bruce L. Beaudin 

Mrs. Gretchen S. Beck 

Mr. Robert J. Beck 

Ms. Sudie Y. Beck 

Mr. Herman E. Becker 

Dr. William H. Becker 

Mrs. Robin E. Beckman 

Mr. John C. Beckstotfer 

Mr. Ronald A. Beckstoffer 

Mr. Rodney D. Bedwell 

Mrs. Janice F. Bell 

Miss Nell Bell 

Bellefonte Insurance Company 

Mrs. Ann R. Bellemore 

Mr. Thomas E. Belvin 

Ms. Margaret P. Bemiss 

Dr. Baruj Benacerraf 

Dr. John R. Bender 

Mr. J. Linwood Benfield 

Dr. Can-oil G. Bennett, Jr. 

Mr. John C. Bennett 

Mrs. Nancy M. Bennett 

Dr. Alfred A. Berger 

Ms. Helen L. Berkowitz 

Dr. David Bertinerman 

Mr. Anthony E. Berlinghott, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Michael Berman 

Mr. Millard L. Bennan 

Dr. Wesley C. Bernhart 

Mrs, Theresa Nackley Bernier 

Mr. Harold A. Bernstein 

Dr. William J. Beny 

Miss C. Virginia Besson 

Dr. Robert P. Bethea 

Mr. Warren R. Belts 

Miss Linda L. Bilotti 

Dr. Robert L. Binda 

Mrs. Bertha Binder 

Mr. Charles P. Binns 

Dr. Roland D. Birckhead 

Mrs. Chariotte M. Birindelli 

Mr. Donald R. Bishop 

Dr. John M. Bishop, Jr. 

Mr. Paul A. Bishop 

Dr. William B. Bishop 

Dr. Stephen L. Bissell 

Mr. and Mrs. William R. Bixler 

Mr. Belvin W. Blachman 

The Black and Decker Manufacturing 

Dr. Arthur K. Black 
Mr. Kenneth L, Black 
Mr. William B. Black 
Mrs. Elizabeth C, Blackburn 
Mr John W Blackwell 
Mrs Robert C. Blackwell 
Mrs. Mary N. Blackwood 
Mr Matthew T. Blackwood 
Mr. Donald N. Blake 
Dr. Leo Blank 

Mr. James W. Blankenship III 
Dr. Thomas J. Blankenship 
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin E. Blanks 
Dr. David C. Blanton 
Miss Lillian D. Blanton 
Dr. Wyndham B. Blanton, Jr. 
Dr. Mark M, Blatter 
Dr. and Mrs. W. Kenneth Blaylock 
Dr. Louis C. Blazek 
Mr. Robert G. Bledsoe III 
Dr. Marvin J. Bleiberg 
Miss Susan E. Blevins 
Mrs. Catherine B. Bley 
Mr. Charies B. Bliley, Jr. 
Dr. Dennis L. Blondo 
Dr. and Mrs. Martin Bloom 
Mrs. Gini A. Blostein-WoH 
Mrs. Louise H. Blowe 
Mrs. Mary S. Bloxom 
Miss Gwindolyn Board 
Miss Katherine C. Bobtjitt 
Dr. Stephen M. Bobys 
Mrs. Elizabeth S, Bocock 
Dr. and Mrs. Charies E. Bodell, Jr. 
Dr. Irwin M. Bogarad 
Mr. Maurice Bonds 
Dr. Robert F. Bondurant 
Dr. Wendy F. Bone 
Miss Enna G. Boninsegna 
Dr. Herbert H. Bonnie 
Dr. Marshall S. Bonnie 
Dr. Jane A. Boomer 
Ms. Mary L. Boone 
Mr. Robert J. Boos, Jr. 
Mr. Carrington L. Booth, Jr. 
Dr. and Mrs. John H. Borgard 
Mr. Henry C. Boschen, Jr 
Mr. C. Stephen Boston 
Mr. Steven S. Bottorff 
Mrs. Hazel W. Bouldin 
Miss Nancy C. Boutchyard 
Miss Jeanne F. Bowdre 
Ms. Bettie D. Bowen 
Mrs. Virginia L. Bowers 
Mrs. Jessie Mae J. Bowles 
Dr. James S. Bowman III 
Dr. John I. Bowman, Jr. 
Mrs. Carol W. Boyd 
Mr. James N. Boyd 
Dr. Joseph V Boykin, Jr. 
Dr. James A. Bradshaw 
Miss M. Sharon Brady 
Miss Sheila L. Brady 
Dr. Arthur D. Bragg 
Miss Vivian Bragg 
Mrs. Bettie N. Brakebill 
Dr. Guy H. Branaman 
Dr. William F. Branch 
Dr. Philip H. Brandt 
Mr. James D. Branham 
Dr. Robert S. Branham 
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Brann 
Miss Janine C. Braun 
Mr. James C. Bray 
Mr. Lorence N. Bredahl 
Mrs. Katherine W Bredbenner 
Mr, Warren T. Brennan, Jr. 
Miss Lisa B. Bresenotf 
Dr, Herbert M, Brewer 
Dr. Robert H. Brewer 

Dr. Robert M. Brewer 

Mrs. Ruth R. Brewer 

Mr. Anton G. Bricker 

Mr. Travis A. Bridewell 

Mr. Paul N. Bridge 

Mr. Edgar L. Brinkley 

Dr. L A. Brittingham 

Miss Lucille F. Britten 

Mr. James B. Broadhurst 

Mrs. Barbara H. Brock 

Dr. M. Foscue Brock 

Dr. J. Robert Bronson 

Mr. Richard Brooke, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. H. Randall Brooks 

Dr. Larry T. Brooks 

Dr. Lyman R. Brothers III 

Mr. William A. Brough 

Dr. J. Wayne Browder 

Dr. and Mrs. Clark B. Brown 

Dr. and Mrs. D. Earl Brown, Jr. 

Dr. Donald S. Brown 

Mr. Gary R. Brown 

Dr. Henry A. Brown 

Mr. Henry C. Brown, Jr. 

Mrs. Jane G. Brown 

Ms. Jennifer D. Brown 

Dr. John L. Brown 

Miss K. Elizabeth Brown 

Mrs. Lillian D. Brown 

Mrs. Selma G. Brown 

Miss Susan E. Brown 

Ms. Susie M. Brown 

Dr. Peter V. Browne 

Dr. Winston M. Browne, Jr. 

Ms. Nancy S. Browning 

Mr. Roy H. Browning, Jr. 

Dr. Herman W. Brubaker 

Mrs. Jewel V. Bruce 

Dr. Richard T. Bruce, Jr. 

Dr. and Mrs. William M. Bruch 

Mr. Donald C. Bruegman 

Mrs. Janel E. Brunson 

Miss Linda L. Buchanan 

Miss Margaret R. Buchanan 

Mr. Robert G. Buchanan 

Mr. Dennis R. Buck 

Mrs. Carol L. Buck-Rolland 

Dr. Leigh C. Budwell 

Mrs. Ann 8. Buford 

Mr. John M. Buhl, Jr. 

Mrs. Dorothy H. Buker 

Dr. Walter G. Bullington 

Mrs. Imogene M. Bunn 

Bunzl Charitable Trust 

Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph H. Bunzl 

Dr. Paul Burbank, Jr. 

Dr. Charles D, Burch III 

Dr. M. G. Burdette 

Mr. Roy E. Burgess II 

Dr. James O. Burke 

Dr. Thomas E. Burke 

Dr. Oliver L. Buri<ett, Jr. 

Burlington Industries Foundation 

Dr. John A. Burmeister 

Ms. Alice T. Burnett 

Dr. and Mrs. Bobby D. Burnette 

Mr. Edwin L. Burnette 

Dr. Harold W. Burnette 

Dr. Francis G. Burns, Jr. 

Mr. Allan I. Burnstine 

Mr. Benjamin A. Burrell 

Bunroughs Wellcome Company 

Dr. Arthur F. Burt 

Dr. E. Edward Burton, Jr. 

Mrs. Edna R. Burton 

Mr. John H. Burton 

Mr. T. Meal Burton II 

Dr. William S. Burton 

Mr, Robert C. Busch 

Mr. Nathan Bushnell III 

Mrs. Harriet W. Buss 

Mr. Lawrence A. Bussard 

Mr. Frank A Butler 

Dr. James H. Butler 

Butler Manufacturing Company 

Mrs. Patricia M, Butner 
Dr. Thomas E. Butt 
Dr. Ernest P. Buxton, Jr. 
Mrs. Dianne W. Bynum 
Dr. Allison D. Byrd 
Mrs. Barbara J. Byrd 

Dr. John A. Byrd III 
Mrs. Sue K. Byrd 


Mrs. Lillie R. Cain 

Ms. Ruth Ann Cain 

Mr. Leonard C. Cake, Jr. 

Ms. Jewell R. Calderon 

Mr. George B. Caley III 

Mr. Robert S. Callahan, Jr. 

Mr. L. Dans Callans, Jr. 

Calvary Baptist Church, McConnelsvllle, 

Mr. Lynn W. Camp 
Mr. Andrew B. Campbell, Jr. 
Mrs. Diane C. Campbell 
Miss Janice D. Campbell 
Mr. Michael A. Campbell 
Dr. Ruth W. Campbell 
Mr. Wanren G. Campbell 
Mrs. Eliza A. Caperton 
Dr. Charles M. Caravati 
Mrs. Dianne C. Cardea 
Cardinal Transportation, Inc. 
Mr. F. Wayne Carey 
Miss Florine Carey 
Mrs. Juanita H. Carithers 
Mr. Ralph W. Cariile 
Dr. Pauline D. Carmichael 
Dr. Walter J. Carmoney, Jr. 
Dr. Francis F. Carr, Jr. 
Dr. Clyde N. Can-oil 
Ms. M. Ruth Carson 
Mr. J. Hershel Carter 
Mrs. Mary Jane B. Casarotti 
Mr. James E. Case 
Mrs. Lynn S. Cashell 
Dr. William A. Cassada, Jr. 
Mrs. Emily L. Cassity 
Cathedral of the Sacred Heart 
Dr. C. Whitney Caulkins, Jr. 
Dr. F. Allen Cavedo, Jr 
Mr. and Mrs. Mario L. Cavezza 
Dr. Stephen Cenedella 
Mr. Donald E. Centrone 
Century 21 Real Estate Corporation of 

Ms. Jo Ann P. Chabot 
Ms. Carol E. Chadbourne 
Dr. Douglas W. Chambers 
Dr. H. Royster Chamblee 
Mr. J. W. Chamblee 
Dr. A. C. Chandler 
Ms. Aretha M. Chandler 
Mrs. Betty-Ann W. Chapman 
Miss Betsy L. Chappell 
Chariottesville-Albermarle Board 

of Realtors 
Mr. John H. Chaulkin, Jr. 
Chesapeake & Potomac Telephone 

Mr. E. Barry Chewning 
Ms. Pamela C. Chicurel 
Mrs. Nancy S. Childress 
Mr. Wirt A. Christian, Jr. 
Mr. David C. Christman 
Mr. Don Christman 
Mr. Milton S. Christy 
Mrs. Kathryn F. Churchman 
Dr. Alvin J. Ciccone 
Dr. Stephen P. Cicinato 
Mr. James W. Cieslak 
Dr. Richard F. Clark 
Mr. Ronald M. Clark 
Dr. Walter E. Clark, Sr. 
Ms. Bernardine A. Clarke 
Mrs. Frances H. Clarke 
Dr. Oscar W. Clarke, Jr. 
Mr. Thomas R. Clart<e 
Mr. Carroll E. Clary 
Dr. Phillips L. Claud 
Mr. William D. Claud 
Dr. and Mrs. Dennis P. Claypool, Jr. 
Mr. Curtis A. Clayton 
Mr. John C. Clayton 
Dr. Thornton R. Cleek 
Mr. Herbert J. Clegg 
Dr. and Mrs. Boyd M. Clements 
Mr. Boyd S. Clements 

Mr. Edgar A. Cliborne 

Mr. James J. Cliborne, Jr. 

Dr. Orrin W. Clifton 

Mrs. Ann R. Coates 

Cofer-Decker Bible Class 

Dr. E. Lemoyne Coffield 

Mrs. Ann N. Coffin 

Dr. Edward N. Coffman 

Mrs. Sherri P. Cohen 

Mrs. Sharon B. Coke 

Dr. and Mrs. Custis L. Coleman 

Dr. Morton Coleman 

Dr. Wayne T. Coleman 

Dr. William A. Coleman 

Mrs. Cariton C. Collier 

Dr. John E. Collier 

Dr. Richard D. Collier 

Mrs. Elaine J. Collins 

Ms. Judith B. Collins 

Mr. Michael L. Collins 

Dr. Patrick B. Colvard 

Commonwealth Aquatic Club-Rams 

Mrs. Mae Belle W. Condit 

Dr. Joseph H. Conduff 

Connecticut General Insurance 

Mrs. Blanche S. Connell 
Mr. Leroy J. Connell, Jr. 
Mr. Kenneth E. Conner, Jr. 
Mr. Robert B. Conroy, Jr. 
The Continental Group Foundation, Inc. 
Miss Emily M. Coogan 
Mrs. Jean G. Cook 
Mrs. Mary P. Cook 

Dr. S. S. Cook 

Dr. Sallie S. Cook 

Dr. Maxwell C. Cooke 

Dr. Samuel L. Cooke 

Mrs. Sarah H. Cooke 

Dr. William L. Cooke 

Mr. Roger W. Cooper 

Coopers & Lybrand Foundation 

Miss Carrie M. Copenhaver 

Dr. and Mrs. Charies W. Copenhaver 

Dr. L. B. Copenhaver 

Mr. Jerry L, Copley 

Mrs. Eileen W. Cordell 

Mrs. Joan S. Corder 

Mrs. Kay S. Cormier 

Mrs. Christine C. Cornett 

Dr. Fred B. Cornett 

Dr. Constance C. Corsino 

Mr. William J. Cosby 

Mr. Joseph M. Cottrell 

Mr. Michael W. Cottrell 

Mr. Stephen C. Coudriet 

Mr. David C. Coulter 

Miss Paula L. Countiss 

Mr. Gerald P. Coury 

Mrs. Jeanette B. Coury 

Mr. Chester L. Cousins, Jr. 

Dr. M. Cade Covington 

Dr. William D. Covington 

Dr. Alexander M. Cox 

Mrs. Bobbie H. Cox 

Mrs. Elizabeth B. Cox 

Mrs. Maleda T. Cox 

Mr. Mark C. Cox 

Mrs, Karen Z. Crabb 

Mr. James H. Craig 

Dr. Oscar W. Cranz 

Dr. Clyde L. Crawford 

Mrs. Patricia B. Crawford 

Mrs. M. B. Crawley 

Mrs. Ruth C. Creasy 

Mrs. Toye C. Creel 

Mrs. Juliette B. Crichton 

Dr. Kenneth D. Crippen 

Dr. David G. Crittenden 

Dr. William W. Crittenden, Jr. 

Mr. Donald G. Cronan 

Dr. Robert D. Croom, Jr. 

Dr. John A. Cross, Jr. 

Dr. and Mrs. Steven W. Cross 

Mrs. Helen H. Crossley 

Ms. Dorothy S. Crowder 

Mr. Robert V. Crowder III 

Mrs. Gayle M. Crutchfield 

Mr. I. Frank Crystal 

Mr. Craig R. Cudworth 

Mr. Harold P. Culpepper, Jr. 

Dr. J. L. Cumbey, Jr. 

Mr. William H. Cunningham 
Mr. Thomas J. Curtis 
Custom Mailers & Consultants, Inc. 
Dr. Charles L. Cuttino III 


Dr. William T. Dabney III 

Mr. Frank E. Dalton 

Mr. James E. Dalton, Jr. 

Mr. Mark A. Dalton 

Dr. Martin W. Damsky 

Dr. Daryl C. Dance 

Mr. Thomas C. Dandridge 

Mr. Crowell T. Daniel, Jr. 

Ms. Margaret Daniel 

Mr. Robert W. Daniel, Jr. 

Mr. Ronald W. Daniel 

Mr. Irving E. Darby, Jr. 

Dr. Guy W. Daugherty 

Mr. and Mrs. David W. Davia, Jr. 

Dr. Ronald B. David 

Mrs. Helen M. Davidson 

Mr. Hugh J. Davis 

Mr. J. Robert Davis, Jr. 

Mr. J. Samuel Davis 

Mr. Michael G. Davis 

Mr. O. Allen Davis 

Dr. Philip M. Davis II 

Dr. William M. Davis 

Mrs. Richard Dawes 

Mrs. Jenny H. Dawley 

Mr. George W. Dawson 

Mr. Joseph M. Dawson 

Mr. John M. Deagan 

Mrs. Elizabeth G, Dearsley 

Dr. Jan B. deBakker 

Mr. Joseph D. DeCaprio 

Mrs. Thelma N. Deeb 

Dr. Stewart A. Deekens, Jr. 

Dr. William D. Deep 

Mr. John F. Degen 

Dr. P. H. DeHart 

Dr. Rufus M. Dehart, Jr. 

Mr. Gerald W. DeHaven 

Dr. A. Del Castillo 

Mr. David L. Dellinger 

Deloitte, Haskins & Sells 

Mr. Joseph L. DeLuca 

Mr. Dominick DeMarco 

Mr. David R. Dennier 

Miss Laura A. Denny 

Dr. Duke A. Dent 

Derieux, Baker, Thompson & Whit 

Mrs. Clara B. Deyton 

Diamond Shamrock 

Dr. and Mrs. Robert B. Diasio 

Dr. Lonnie B. Dickens, Jr. 

Mrs. Merle W. Dickert 

Dr. Walter H. Dickey 

Mr. Stephen Y. Dickinson 

Mrs. Judy L. Dietrick 

Mr. Thomas D. Diggs, Jr. 

Dr. S. Booker Dillard 

Mr. G. Benjamin Dillow 

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel F. Dinsmore 

Mr. Jesse J. Dipboye 

Dr. Solomon Disick 

Dr. William M. Ditto 

Miss Mary Ruth Divine 

Mrs. Barbara G, Dix 

Mr. Roger J. Dixon 

Ms. Jane M. Dobyns 

Ms. Mary Elizabeth Dodson 

Mrs. Alice D. Dole 

Dr. John P. Doley 

Dr. James M. Donaghy 

Mr. David K. Donin 

Dr. Charles J. Donlan, Jr. 

Mr. Richard Dooley 

Ms. Clairce U. Dougherty 

Mrs. Pamela K. Douglas 

Mrs. Joan D. Douglass 

W. Birch Douglass Agency 

Dr. Ronald G. Downey 

Miss Shirley T. Downs 

Mr. H. Joseph Drannen 

Mrs. Elizabeth H. Drash 

Mr. Kenneth O. Drees 

Dr. David G. Dreis 

Miss Shirley A. Dreyer 

Mr. Gordon F. Drumheller 

Miss Susan I. Ducl<worth 

Dr. J. Scott Duff, Jr. 

Mrs. Ann L. Dul<e 

Mr. Albert R. Dulaney 

Dr. Gregory L. Duncan 

Ms. Paula E. Duncan 

Mrs. Elmer K. Dunn 

Ms. Kathy L. Dunnavant 

Mr. Kevin R. Dunne 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Warren Dunston 

Dr. Wayne D. DuPont 

Mr. Edward M. Durand 

Dr. Jerry S. Durkowski 

Ms. Susanne H. Durling 

Mr. Christopher T. Durrer 

Mrs. Nancy K. Durrett 

Mr. W. Lester Duty 

Dr. Alexander Dworsky 

Mr. Douglas M. Dwyer 

Mrs. Thelma E. Dyer 

Miss Joan E. Eanes 

Mr. Clifford C. Earl 

Mrs. Kimberlee M. Early 

Dr. Roy L. Earp 

Mr. Mitchell L. Easter 

Ms. Virginia L. Eckert 

Mr. G. David Eddleman 

Miss Sally A. Edelman 

Mr. James S. Edmonson 

Miss Brenda Edwards 

Dr. Earle S. Edwards III 

Dr. Hugh S. Edwards 

Mr. J. Randolph Edwards 

Miss Katherine D. Edwards 

Dr. Roy A. Edwards, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. William O. Edwards 

Dr. William P. Edwards, Jr. 

Mrs. Dorothy T. Efta 

Mrs. Lois F. Einhorn 

Mr. Randolph D. Eley, Jr. 

Dr. Rufus P. Ellett, Jr. 

Mr. Eugene L. Elliott 

Ms. Rorence E. Elliott 

Mrs. Janet S. Elliott 

Dr. Rodney G. Elliott 

Mr. Stephen L. Elliott 

Dr. W. C. Elliott 

Mrs. Jessie L. Ellis 

Mr. David C. Elmore 

Mrs. Susan B. EIrod 

Dr. George F. Elsasser 

Dr. Robert E. Elvington 

Mr. Kenneth L. Ender 

Mr. Harry E. Eney III 

Mr. and Mrs. C. V. England 

Mr. Emmett W. England 

Mrs. Mary H. English 

Mrs. Rozanne G. Epps 

Mr. John J. Erdman 

Mrs. Anne B. Ergenbright 

Mr. Dennis L. Ernest 

Ernst & Whinney 

Ernst & Whinney Foundation 

Mrs. Sarah P. Erwin 

Mr. Robert L. Eskridge 

Mr. Robert J. Ess 

Ms. Rosa M. Esteve 

Dr. John L. Eten 

Ethyl Corporation 

Dr. Blackwell B. Evans 

Dr. Edward J. Evans 

Mrs. J. W. Evans 

Miss Malinda A. Evans 

Mrs. Mary C. Evans 

Dr. and Mrs. George E. Ewart 

Dr. Edwin P. Ewers 

Exxon USA Foundation 

Dr. Gerald A. Ezekiel, Jr. 


Lt. Cmdr. Ruth E. Fabian 
Ms. Cathy J. Faehl 
Mr. Robert J. Fagg, Jr. 
Mr. John A. Fagot, Jr. 
Miss Joan Fain 

Dr. Robert S. Faircloth 

Mrs. Virginia C. Fairman 

The Family Lines Rail System 

Mr. James L. Farley 

Mr. Richard E. Farmer 

Dr. and Mrs. Frank H. Farrington 

Dr. Carl P. Fastabend 

Mr. Michael S. Faszewski 

Mrs. Bertha P. Faust 

Miss Diane L. Faux 

Mrs. Jan H. Feazell 

Mr. Samuel G. Feazell 

Federal Paper Board Company, Inc. 

Dr. S. Charles Feldman 

Mrs. Etta D. Felvey 

Mr. Kevin H. Ferguson 

Miss Wilda M. Ferguson 

Dr. William P. Femald 

Ms. Theresa M. Fernandez 

Mr. Mark E. Fetter 

Mr. Steven N. Feuerstein 

Miss Patricia L. Ficke 

Mr. James L. Fields, Jr. 

Mrs. Ruth B. Rnley 

Mrs. Merilyn L. Rnn 

Rrst & Merchants National Bank 

Mrs. Catherine M. Rscher 

Mrs. Faye C. Rsht)ack 

Dr. Dorothy Fisher 

Miss Julia B. Rsher 

Mr. P. Harmon Rsher 

Dr. Richard L. Fisher 

Mrs. Suzanne B. Rsher 

Mr. and Mrs. Russell H. Rske, Sr. 

Mrs. Annette T. Rtch 

Dr. Thomas J. Rtzgerald 

Dr. William B. Fitzhugh 

Dr. H. D. Rtzpatrick 

Dr. Hugh Rtzpatrick III 

Dr. Irving E. Pixel 

Dr. Norman B. Fizette 

Mr. Paul F. Ranagan 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Ranagan 

Mr. William H. Rannagan, Jr. 

Mr. Robert H. Ratford III 

Dr. Herman J. Rax 

Mrs. Beveriy L Fleming 

Miss Suzanne Reming 

Dr. and Mrs. Arnold P. Reshood 

Mr. Douglas W. Rinchum 

Mr. George H. Flowers III 

Mr. John M. Royd 

Ms. Edwina M. Fly 

Mr. James C. Foege 

Mr. Arthur P. Foley 

Dr. Kenneth J. Folsom 

Mrs. Ruth Fonoroff 

Dr. John W. Forbes III 

Mr. Charles C. Fore 

Mr. George E. Foresman 

Dr. Mildred B. Forman 

Dr. James H. Forsee, Jr. 

Mrs. Helen M. Fortenberry 

Mrs. Mary-Margaret C. Fosmari< 

Mr. and Mrs. C. A. B. Foster 

Mrs. Evelyn W. Foster 

Mr. Clyde M. Fowler, Jr. 

Mr. J. Randolph Fowler 

Dr. R. H. Foviflkes 

Dr. Eari R. Fox 

Miss Janet A. Fox 

Mrs. Katherine H. Fox 

Mrs. Maude L. Fox 

Mrs. Nancy H. Fox 

Dr. and Mrs. Parham R. Fox 

Mrs. Evelyn E. Foy 

Dr. Roljert T. Fraker 

Mr. and Mrs. Frederic D. Fraley 

Mr. Charles H. Francis 

Mrs. Brenda D. Frank 

Dr. Marvin G Frank 

Dr. Nicholas Frankel 

Mrs. Delia F. Franklin 

Dr. and Mrs. Richard C. Franson 

Mr. Felix M. Fraraccio 

Mr. I. J. Fratkin 

Dr. Arthur B. Frazier 

Mrs. Esther M. Frazier 

Miss Rorence M. Frazier 

Dr. W. H. Frazier III 

Ms. Helen F. Freas 
Dr. Robert A. Frederick 
Dr. Erma L. Freeman 
Mr. J. Douglas Freeman 
Mrs. Jane J. Freeman 
Mrs. Margaret S. Freeman 
Dr. Robert F. Freeman 
Dr. Mark D. Freilich 
Mrs. Jane F. French 
Dr. A. J. Fressola 
Mrs. Elizabeth S. Frey 
Dr. Eugenie M. Fribourg 
Dr. Lewis J. Friedman 
Dr. Ruth T. Friedman 
Mrs. Theresa E. Friedman 
Mrs. Dolores V. Friend 
Miss Carol J. Froehlich 
Dr. Herbert W. Frostick 
Miss Nancy Q. Fulton 
Dr. R. Paul Fultz, Jr. 


Mrs. Jane C. Gaffney 

Mrs. Curtura W. Gaines 

Mrs. Debra S. Galarowicz 

Mrs. Addie H. Gale 

Dr. James C. Gale 

Mr. John W. Gallagher, Jr. 

Mrs. Virginia B. Gammon 

Dr. Alan J. Gamsey 

Dr. James Q. Gant, Jr. 

Mrs. Jane K. Garber 

Dr. James L. Gardner 

Dr. Joseph E. Gardner 

Mrs. Lillian M. Gardner 

Dr. Raymond J. Gardner 

Dr. S. DeWitt Gardner 

Dr. Glenn E. Gariand 

Miss Teresa A. Gariand 

Mr. and Mrs. Jesse J. Gan- 

Mrs. Eleanor H. Gannett 

Dr. William Y. Garrett 

Dr. Jack S. Garrison 

Gary, Stosch, Walls & Company 

Dr. Samuel E. Gaskins 

Miss Sandra E. Gates 

Mr. and Mrs. Harold M. Gatewood 

Dr. Hunter M. Gaunt, Jr. 

Dr. R. Ashton Gay 

Dr. Sigsby W. Gayle 

Mr. Mark E. Gell 

Mrs. Shirley S. Geller 

The General Electric Foundation 

Mr. Richard M. Geoghegan 

Mr. David M. George 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. George 

Mr. and Mrs. G. T. Georges 

Dr. Theodore N. Georges 

Dr. Nicos G. Georgiades 

Mr. William R. Gerber 

Ms. Yvette C. Gerner 

Mrs. Bertha B. Gerteisen 

Miss Hilda Gibbs 

Mrs. Karole F. Gibson 

Dr. Grace E. Gilkeson 

Mr. William A. Gillespie 

Dr. Dan-ell K. Gilliam 

Dr. R. Arthur Gindin 

Dr. Frederick T. Given, Jr. 

Dr. David M. Glassman 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert O. Glenn, Jr. 

Dr. Clarence K. Glover, Jr. 

Mr. Richard W. Glover 

Mr. Alan B. Gluck 

Dr. Lester J. Godfrey 

Ms. Judith W. Godwin 

Mr. Thomas W. Goggin 

Mr. F. Dee Goldberg 

Mrs. Linda Z. Goldberg 

Dr. Marc A. Goldberg 

Mrs. Ruth H. Goldfarb 

Dr. Jack J. Goldman 

Mr. Stuart I. Goldman 

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Goldstein 

Dr. Lewis C. Goldstein 

Dr. Anne S. Goldston 

Dr. Edgar C. Goldston 

Col. Donald S. Good 

Dr. John H. Goode, Jr. 

Dr. Thomas V. Goode, Jr. 

Dr. Mathew K. Gooding 

Goodman & Company 

Mrs. Anne N. Goodman 

Dr. Julius T. Goodman 

Dr. Peter L. Goodman 

Mr. R. Wayne Goodman, Jr. 

Dr. Victor Goodside 

Mr. Robert R. Gora 

Mr. Bobby A. Gordon 

Mr. Channing H. Gordon 

Miss L. Frances Gordon 

Dr. Phillip R. Gordon 

Mr. Robert L. Gordon, Jr. 

Mr. J. Allen Gonnan 

Mrs. Virginia P. Goslee 

Miss Emily Jo Gotich 

Dr. L. Lynton Goulder, Jr. 

Dr. Arnold B. Graboyes 

Grace & Holy Trinity Child Care 

Center, Inc. 
Mrs. Jane G. Gracik 
Ms. A. Louise Graham 
Mr. Malcolm W. Graham, Jr. 
Dr. O. T. Graham, Jr. 
Dr. Lawrence T. Grand 
Dr. and Mrs. Stuart V. Grandis 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Granger 
Dr. Kathryn E. Grant 
Dr. A. Broaddus Gravatt, Jr. 
Mrs. Gretchen O. Gravely 
Mr. William A. Gravett 
Mrs. Barbara C. Gray 
Ms. Irene M. Gray 
Dr. Mary C. Gray 
Greater Richmond Council on Alcoholism 

and Drug Abuse, Inc. 
Dr. Richard K. Green 
Mr. Irving Greenberg 
Mr. Allan B. Greene 
Ms. Cheryl J. Greene 
Mr. Frank L. Greene, Jr. 
Mr. Larry D. Greene 
Mr. David Greenfeld 
Mrs. Retta S. Greever 
Dr. William N. Greever 
Dr. Panos G. Gregoriou 
Dr. Carlton E. Gregory 
Dr. Cariyle Gregory 
Dr. Roger T. Gregory 
Mr. William A. Gregory 
Mrs. Kathryn Gresham-Lancaster 
Dr. Rosemarie Greyson-Fleg 
Mr. Michael A. Griffin 
Mr. Robert H. Griffin 
Mrs. Dianne M. Grim 
Ms. Jo Anne J. Grimm 
Dr. William C. Grinnan 
Mrs. Ruth L. Grizzard 
Dr. Frank T Grogan III 
Mr. Alex Grossman 
Mr. Gerald A. Grossman 
Dr. Steven H. Grossman 
Dr. Robert L. Grossmann 
Dr. Walter L. Grubb, Jr. 
Mr. J. Michael Grubbs 
Mrs. Margaret B. Gruner 
Mr. Stephen A. Gudas 
Mrs. Ann R. Gunn 
Mr. Eari G. Gunn 
Mrs. Mary C. Gunn 
Dr. Paul M. Gustman 
Dr. Joseph A. Gwiazdowski 
Mr. J. B. Gwilym 


Ms. Alene G. Haas 

Miss Rochelle V. Habeck 

Dr. Chester E. Haberlin 

Dr. Hanns C. Haesslein 

Ms. Karen K. Haff 

Mrs. Sharon P. Hageman 

Mr. Brett W. Hagen 

Mrs. Linda J. Hager 

Dr. and Mrs. William J. Hagood, Jr. 

Dr. B. Keith Haley, Jr. 

Mrs. Betty H. Hall 

Dr. C. Bemis Hall 

Mr. Forrest A. Hall 

Dr. S. Guy Hall 

Dr. Wayne C. Hall 

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard B. Halley, Jr. 

Dr. Titror J. Ham 

Dr. William T. Ham, Jr. 

Mrs. Geraldine S. Hamblen 

Mr. Tenv R. Hamlin 

Dr. James L. Hamner 

Dr. Philip E. Hamrick 

Mr. Edward H. Hancock 

Dr. Philip W. Handy 

Ms. Woody B. Hanes 

Mrs. Cornelia C. Hanflin 

Mr. Alden S. Hankia 

Dr. Echols A. Hansbarger, Jr. 

Lt. Russell D. Harbaugh 

Mr. William R. Hardesty 

Dr. Edith L. Hardie 

Mrs. Carol H. Harding 

Mrs. Lu Alice H. Harding 

Mr. and Mrs. Marion Hardy 

Mrs. Maryanne Hare 

Miss Marguerite Hargreaves 

A. W. Hargrove Insurance Agency, Inc. 

Mr. Peter Harholdt 

Dr. William H. Hark 

Mr. Bernard L. Hartow 

Miss Patricia A. Harnois 

Mr. R. Stanley Harpine 

Dr. James A. Harrell, Jr. 

Dr. Austin B. Harrelson 

Dr. William H. Hamman, Jr. 

Mrs. Gayle M. Harrington 

Dr. A. Epes Hanis, Jr. 

Dr. Harold J. Hanis 

Dr. I. Michael Harris 

Dr. Jordan H. Harris 

Mr. Kurt N. Han-is 

Miss Martha C. Hams 

Mrs. Mayme Lacy Han-is 

Mr. and Mrs. Russell R. Harris 

Mr. Vemon C. Hanis 

Mr. William P. Harris 

Mr. D. Oakley Hanison 

Mr. Jeffrey P. Harrison 

Mr. Robert B. Hamson, Jr. 

Mr. William P. Hamson 

Dr. William S. Harrison 

Dr. Ward Harshbarger 

Ms. Nancy C. Hart 

Mr. I. D. Harvey 

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Harvey 

Ms. Lucy McGavock Harvie 

Dr. John W. Hash 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Haskins 

Mrs. Catherine I. Hastings 

Mr. David C. Hastings 

Mr. John F. Hastings, Jr. 

Dr. Edgar C. Hatcher, Jr. 

Dr. Johnny R. Hatfield 

Mr. Ralph E. Haugh, Jr. 

Dr. Bruce P. Hawley 

Mrs. Anne D. Hayes 

Ms. Barbara E. Hayes 

Dr. Ralph E. Haynes 

Mrs. Mary B. Healey 

Mr. Thomas J. Healy 

William Randolph Hearst Foundation 

Dr. Charies M. Heartwell, Jr. 

Dr. John P. Heatwole 

Mrs. Sharolyn B. Heatwole 

Dr. Michael J. Hechtkopf 

Mr. Charles L. Heckel 

Mrs. Augusta S. Hedrick 

Mrs. Helen Hegre 

Mr. Alan B. Heilig 

Mr. Irwin B. Heinemann 

Dr. Mortimer D. Heizer 

Dr. Belmont A. Helsabeck 

Dr. Conrad A. Helsley 

Dr. Timothy D. Helton 

Dr. Alan S. Helwig 

Dr. Anthony A. Hemingway 

Mr. Graham F. Hendley 

Dr. A. Claybom Hendricks 

Dr. Robert E. Hendry 

Mrs. Faithe C. Henkell 

Dr. Marlene B. Henley 

Mr. Robert E. Henley, Jr. 

Mr. W. Eugene Henley 

Dr. Laurin L. Henry 

Miss Ruhamah W. Henshaw 

Dr. Larry D. Hensley 

Mr. Raymond H. Herbek 

Ms. Carol J. Henwig 

Mrs. Donna C. Hester 

Mr. Robert F. Hester 

Mrs. Gloria G. Hildebrand 

Miss Kristie K. Hile 

Miss Cheryl J. Hill 

Dr. Douglass O. Hill 

Mrs. Eleanor F. Hill 

Dr. Gladstone M. Hill 

Dr. Hugti F. Hill III 

Mrs. Janet B. Hindle 

Mrs. Nellie R. Hiner 

Ms. Betty J. Hines 

Dr. Steven D. Hinkis 

Mr. Sidney A. Hirscti 

Dr. David S. Hirsctiier II 

Mr. Charles L. Hite 

Mrs. Jane T. Hobby 

Miss Deborah J. Hockman 

Dr. Alton E. Hodges, Jr. 

Dr. Orien R. Hodgin 

Mr. Steven C. Hoelscher 

Ms. Betty E. Hotter 

Dr. Gary 8. Hoffman 

Dr. Robert M. Hoffman 

Mrs. Carol F. Hoge 

Miss Caroline F. Hogshead 

Mr. Jim Holbrook 

Mr. Maynard C. Holbrook, Sr. 

Mrs. Jane 8, Holcombe 

Ms. Katharine T. Holding 

Dr. James L. Holimon 

Dr. Nancy W. D. Holland 

Mr. and Mrs. Bernhard K. Hollar 

Mr. C. Thomas Holloway 

Mr. Edward M. Holmes III 

Dr. George W. Holmes 

Dr. Ralph B. Holmes 

Mr. Vernon J. Honeycutt, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas R. Honnold 

Mr. James M. Hood II 

Dr. Timothy H. Hooker 

Mr. and Mrs. Carroll R. Hormachea 

Mr. Jasper P. Home III 

Dr. Wayne D. Horney 

Miss Elizabeth W. Hornsby 

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Horowitz 

Mr. Lawrence E. Horton 

Dr. William H. Hoskins 

Dr. and Mrs. All A. Hossaini 

Dr. A. A. Houser, Sr. 

Mrs. Lottie J. Howard 

Mr. Richard L. Howell 

Dr. Myrna Howells 

Ms. Jeannette H. Howes 

Mrs. Mary W. Howie 

Mrs. Alice Tennant Howie 

Howmet Aluminum Corporation 

Dr. Hampton Hubbard 

Mrs. Linda R. Hubbard 

Mr. James W. Hubbell 

Dr. Robert O. Hudgens 

Miss Patricia A. Hudson 

Mrs. Paula M. Huffman 

Ms. Carol S. Huggins 

Ms. Elizabeth D. Hughes 

Capt. Frederick F. Hughes 

Mr. Mirabeau L. T. Hughes, Jr. 

Mrs. Rachel H. Hughes 

Dr. Julius C. Hulcher 

Dr. William G. Hulcher 

Dr. Duvahl R. Hull 

Dr. Edwin J. Humphrey III 

Mrs. Mae M. Humphrey 

Dr. J. Warren Hundley 

Dr. and Mrs. Eugene H. Hunt 

Mr. Howard H. Hunt 

Mr. Jack R. Hunter 

Eppa Hunton IV Foundation 

Eppa Hunton, Jr., Foundation 

Virginia Payne Hunton Foundation 

Mr. Don A, Hunziker 

Mrs. Sarah C. Hurst 

Mr. Edwin E. Hurysz 

Ms. Hilda K. Hussar 

Mr. Edward O. Hutcherson, Jr. 

Mr. Harry L. Hutcherson, Jr. 

Dr. Irving L. Hutcherson 

Mrs. Betty G. Hutzler 

Miss Elizabeth A. Hutzler 

Mr. Augustus S. Hydrick, Jr. 

Dr. Betty W. Hydrick 

Mrs. Julia W. Hylton 


INA Foundation 

Illuminating Engineering Research 

Dr. Jerome Imburg 
Mrs. Jane R. Ingalls 
Mrs. Elizabeth J. Inge 
Mrs. Gail C. Ingle 
Mr. John W. Inman 
Maj. Lee B. Inman 
Insurance Women of Richmond, Va. 
Dr. W. Robert Irby 
Dr. Edwin F. Irish 
Dr. David W. Ivey 
Dr. Henry R. Ivey, Jr. 
Miss Anne R. Jack 
Mrs. Beverly M. Jackson 
Ms. Catherine H. Jackson 
Mr. John A. Jacobs 
Dr. Leo L. Jacobs 
Ms. Ronne T. Jacobs 
Dr. Alan H. Jaffe 
Mrs. Nancy L. Jakubec 
Mr. Joseph H. James, Jr. 
Mrs. Mayverdis R. Jamison 
Dr. Nathaniel Janiger 
Mr. George J. Janosik 
Miss Linda J. Jarecki 
Dr. Fontaine G. Jarman, Jr. 
Mr. Tom Jarrell 
Ms. Janice T. Jarvis 
Mr. William A. Jasper 
Miss H. Ann Jenkins 
Mr. Kenneth R. Jenkins 
Mr. L. Robb Jenkins 
Mr. Michael Y. Jenkins 
Mrs. Susan L. Jenkins 
Miss Azzie Jenks 
Miss Ida M. Jennings 
Ms. Barbara J. Jessup 
Dr. C. Kirtner Johnson 
Dr. Carl W. Johnson 
Dr. David G. Johnson 
Ms. Deborah Johnson 
Dr. Eliot W. Johnson 
Dr. Francis C. Johnson 
Dr. Harry I. Johnson, Jr. 
Johnson & Johnson Products, Inc. 
Dr. Lewis D, Johnson 
Mr. Robert L. Johnson 
Mrs. Sandra P. Johnson 
Mr. W. Floyd Johnson 
Mrs. Wilhelmina B. Johnson 
Dr. A. R. Johnston 
Dr. Charles E. Johnston 
Mrs. Elizabeth H. Johnston 
Mrs. Emily M. Johnston 
Dr. Lewis D. Johnston, Jr. 
Mrs. Margaret B. Johnston 
Mrs. Marjorie H. Johnston 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Johnston 
Dr. Russell A, Johnston 
Mr. Wallace R. Johnston 
Mrs. Ludmila G. Jollie 
Mr Lawrence G. Jolly 
Dr. Basil B. Jones 
Mr. David A. Jones 
Dr. David C. Jones 
Dr. Dorothy G. Jones 
Dr. Fred C. Jones 
Dr. J. Bernard Jones 
Mrs. Jean B. Jones 
Mrs. Kathleen A. Jones 

Dr. Michael L, Jones 

Miss Nova T. Jones 

Dr. Orvin C. Jones 

Capt. Pauline R. Jones 

Dr. Richard D. Jones 

Miss Ruth E. Jones 

Mrs. Sharon L. Jones 

Miss Sharon Y. Jones 

Dr. William R, Jones, Jr. 

Mrs. I. S. Jordan 

Mr. and Mrs. John P. Jordan 

Dr. Alfred Joseph 

Mrs. Ann G. Joyce 

Mr. Ralph W. Joyce 

Mr. Ronald G. Joyner 

Mr. William H. Joyner 

Dr. John H, Judson 

Dr. George S. Julias 

Mr. and Mrs. William E. Kahn, Sr, 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Kaiser 

Mrs. Vanessa G. C. Kaiser 

The Kanawha Medical Society 

Dr. Mary E Kapp 

Dr. Warren G. Karesh 

Mr. Maurice Karmen 

Miss Cynia Katsorelos 

Ms. Josephine R. Katz 

Mr. Bassam A. Kawwass 

Mrs. Frances W. Kay 

Dr. William R. Kay 

Dr. Samuel P. Kayne 

Dr. Robert E. Keeton 

Mrs. Nellie H. Kekler 

Mrs. Kendall W. Kellum 

Dr. Frank R. Kelly, Jr. 

Dr. John J. Kelly III 

Miss Katherine A. Kelly 

Mr. Ronald C. Kelly 

Mr. Darrel W. Kemp 

Mrs. Evelyn W. Kemp 

Mrs. Carolyn M. Kendall 

Miss Karen W. Kenly 

Dr. James E. Kennedy 

Miss Linda F. Kennedy 

Mr. Thomas G. Kennedy 

Dr. William P. Kennedy 

Mr. Frank L. Kent 

Mrs. Barbara M. Kerns 

Mr. Richard H. Kerr 

Dr. A. Dean Kesler, Jr. 

Dr. Bruce A. Ketner 

Dr. Samuel G. Ketron, Jr. 

Mr. Stanley S. Kidwell, Jr. 

Dr. Kyle F. Kiesau 

Mrs. Jane B. Killian 

Ms. Kathleen M. Kimball 

Mr. William L. Kimmel 

Mrs. Marie P. King 

Mr. Michael A. King 

Mr. Thomas R. King, Jr. 

Mr. Charles F. Kingery 

Miss B. Elizabeth Kingsley 

Mr. Barrington W. Kinnaird 

Mr. Robert L. Kinneberg, Jr. 

Dr. Arthur A. Kirk 

Mr. Eric A. Kirkland 

Mr. Byron J. Kirkman 

Dr. Robert J. Kirkman 

Miss Virginia F. Kirschbaum 

Dr. William D. Kiser 

Mrs. Kathryn S. Kitchen 

Mr. Michael D. Kitchen 

Mrs. Janet L. Klayton 

Mrs. Suzanne H. Klein 

Mrs. Zora B. Klein 

Ms. Diana S. Kline 

Dr. Joseph M. Kline 

Mr. David M. Kling 

Dr. David M. Klurfeld 

Dr. and Mrs. William C. Knott 

Mr. Richard D. Knox, Jr. 

Dr. Max Koenigsberg 

Mrs. Barbara L. Koller 

Dr. Michael S. Komarow 

Dr. John A. Kontopanos, Jr. 

Mr. William M. Koogler II 

Mr. Joseph R. Koons 

Dr. Patricia M. Koors 

Dr. Eugene M. Kornhaber 

Dr. Isaac Koziol 

Miss Lynn A. Kramer 

Mr, David Krapin 

Dr, Neil D, Kravetz 

Dr, David L, Kreger 

Mrs, Mary Jane M, Kronoke 

Ms, Esther L, Kue 

Mr, Robert P. Kuhlthau 

Dr, Herman M, Kunkle 

Dr, Morion Kurtz 

Mr, and Mrs, L A, Kyle 

Mr, David E, Labson 

Mrs, Linda A. Lacey 

Mr, Robert E, Ladd 

Mr, and Mrs, Peter C, LaFlamme 

Dr, Carl W, LaFratta 

Dr. Robert B, Laibstain 

Mrs. Patricia M. Lake 

Mr. Philip S. Labernick 

Lt, Col, Gene A, Lakey 

Dr, Roger W, Lamanna 

Miss Catherine J, Lamb 

Mr, Lester L. Lamb 

Dr, and Mrs, Robert G, Lamb 

Dr, J, W, Lambdin 

Mr, Peter B. Lambert 

Mrs, Twila C, Lancaster 

Miss Bette R, Landen 

Dr, Sydney L, Lang 

Mrs, Chhstine M. Lange 

Mrs, J. A. Lange, Jr. 

Mr. John C. Langhorne 

Mr. Lawrence W, Langston 

Dr, and Mrs, Michael J, LaPenta 

Mr. Gregory S. Large 

Dr. Nelson D. Large 

Dr. Lloyd W. Lariscy, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Larkin 

Dr. Steven A. Larson 

Mr, Bruce E, Lasswell 

Dr, and Mrs, Emanuel M, Last 

Mrs, Lucie K, Latimer 

Ms, Patricia W, Lavach 

Mr. Thomas B. Lawrence, Jr. 

Lawson-Hemphill, Inc. 

Dr. Marcia J. Lavrton 

Mr. Vernon W. Layne 

Dr. Richard E. Layton 

Dr. William P. Lea, Jr. 

Dr. W. Yates League 

Dr. Deborah I. Leavens 

Mr. Linwood S. Leavitt 

Mr, E, Lee LeCompte 

Mrs. Christine L. Lee 

Miss Marjorie E. Lee 

Dr. Marion W. Left 

Dr. Peter B. Leff 

Mr. Thomas W. Leggett 

Ms. Mary T. Lehan 

Dr. John D. Lentz 

Miss Janet G. Lenz 

Mrs. Christine H. Lessels 

Mrs. Janet S. Letteer 

Mr, Bernard J. Levey 

Dr, Barry K. Levin 

Dr, Harold J, Levinson 

Ms, Alease H, Lewis 

Mrs, Bonnie B. Lewis 

Mr, C, E, Lewis 

Mr, Douglas B, Lewis 

Dr, Hundall J, Lewis 

Ms, Pamela M, Lewis 

Miss Virginia M, Lewis 

Mr, Willie H, Lewis, Jr, 

Mr, Clayton H, Light, Jr, 

Mr, Jeffrey L, Ligon 

Mr. Creighton E, Likes, Jr. 

Mr. Samuel F. Lillard 

Dr, Edward L, Lilly 

Dr. Paul H. Ully, Jr. 

Dr. and Mrs. Franklin Lim 

Dr. C. Robert Lincoln 

Dr, Richard E, Linde 

Ms, Marilyn J, Lingard 

Dr, Otis E, Linkous, Jr. 

Dr. Jay S. Lipman 

Dr, S, W, Lippincott 

Dr, Jean M, Lippitt 

Mr, Douglas O, Lipps 

Mr. Edward T. Lippy, Jr. 

Dr. Deborah S. Litman 

Dr. Robert M, Lift 
Dr. Verda M Little 
Dr. James S. Liverman 
Dr. John T. Llewellyn 
Mr. George S. Loder 
Mrs. Ruth P. Loew 
Mr. Donald B. Logan 
Dr. Gerald A. LoGrippo 
Ms. Rosemary A. Lohman 
Dr. Joseph A. Lombard, Jr. 
Ms. Gwendolyn D. Long 
Dr. Robert E Long 
Mr. Russell D. Long, Jr. 
Dr. George C. Longest 
Mr. E. Cofer Loomer 
Mrs. Charlotte M. Loving 
Dr. Robert H. Loving 
Mr. H. Joseph Lowenthal, Jr. 
Dr. W. Palmer Lowery 
Dr. Mann T. Lowry 
Mr. Samuel B. Lubman 
Mr. Roderick L. Lucas 
Dr. Thomas G. Luckam 
Mrs. Dianne H. Lucy 
Dr. John M. Lukeman 
Mrs. Mary S. Lund 
Dr. Gerald W. Lutz 
Mr. David W. Lynch 
Ms. Nancy W. Lynch 
Mr. Robert L. Lynch 
Mr. Thomas J. Lynch 
Dr. Harry Lyons 

MCV Hospitals, Nursing Staff, West-15 

Ms. Anne W. MacCallum 

Mrs. Marian D. Machen 

Mrs. Shirley A. MacKenzie 

Mr. Gordon E. Mackey 

Mr. Nicholas Mackovak 

Mrs. Bonnie K. Macys 

Mr. Robert M. Maher 

Mr. Charles E. Mahon 

Mrs. Marian G. Mahon 

Dr. Max S. Maizels 

Mrs. Donna T. Major 

Dr. E. Eugene Makarowsky 

Mrs. Janet H. Makela 

Dr. Bennett A. Malbon 

Mr, Ernest A. Malcolm. Jr. 

Mr. David B. Manahan 

Mrs. Joan M. Mancini 

Mr. James M. Mann 

Mrs. Ellen C. Manson 

Mrs. Freda F. Mantel 

Dr. Carl Manuta 

Mr. Robert W. Maphis 

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Mapp 

Ms. Elizabeth A. March 

Ms. Julia A. March 

Mrs. Anne G. Marean 

Dr. David Margollus 

Mr. Michael A. Marini 

Mr. James E. Markham 

Dr. Robert S. Markley 

Mr. Alan L. Markowitz 

Mrs. Judith G. Markowitz 

Dr. Sheldon M. Markowitz 

Mr. John E. Marks 

Mr. Phillip L. Marler 

Dr. John J. Marsella 

Mrs. Dorothy H. Marsh 

Ms. Edith D. Marsh 

Mr. William S. Marsh, Jr. 

Mr. Robert T. Marshall, Jr. 

Mr. Brent A. Marsteller 

Mr. Charlie C. Martin 

Mr. Dean F. Martin 

Mrs. Deborah L. Martin 

Mr. Donald G. Martin 

Dr. Frederick E. Martin III 

Mrs. Joyce J. Martin 

Mrs. Laura C. Martin 

Dr. M. G. Martin 

tvlr. Robert G. Martin 

Mr. Roger W Martin 

Dr. Thomas E. Martin 

Mr. William R. Martin, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Mario Martinez 

Mr. James H. Mason, Jr. 

Dr. Lester M. Mason 

Mr. Abe L. Massad 

Mrs. Alvarene S. Massanova 

Mr. Hariie H. Masters 

Mr. George A. Mathews 

Dr. Lawrence G. Mathews 

Dr. Edward T. Matsuoka 

Mrs. Deborah D. Matthow 

Mrs. Clara J. Matz 

Mrs. Grace R. Maxey 

Mr. Samuel J. Maxey 

Miss Elizabeth A. May 

Dr. and Mrs. James T. May III 

May Memorial Baptist Church 

Mr. Michael P. May 

Dr. Virgil R. May 

Dr. J. Gary Maynard, Jr. 

Dr. Fitzhugh Mayo 

Dr. Wiley S. Mayo, Jr. 

The Maytag Company 

Foundation, Inc. 
Mr. James C. McArdle 
Mr. Charles E. McCabe, Jr, 
Mr. A. S. McCain 
Mr. Charles D. McCall 
Miss Lynn C. McCarthy 
Dr. George E. McCarty 
Mr. C. Edward McCauley 
Miss Diane L. McCauley 
Dr. William A. McClellan 
Dr. Forrest D. McCoig 
Mrs. Mary A. McComb 
Mrs. Barbara E. McCoy 
Ms. Carol A. McCoy 
Dr. James L. McCoy 
Dr. Carolyn M. McCue 
Mr. Joseph M. McCullouch, Jr. 
Mrs. James P. McCullough 
Dr. Johnnie A. McCullough 
Dr. William R. McCune 
Dr. W. Benson McCutcheon, Jr. 
Dr. Robert A. McDonald 
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald M. McDonald 
Mr. G. Bruce McFadden 
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald H. McFarlane 
Mrs. Mary W. McFee 
Dr. Stanley W. McGhee 
Mr. and Mrs. Walter L. McGhee 
Mr. John P. McGrail 
Dr. Hunter H. McGuire, Jr. 
Mrs. Frances P. McKendrick 
Dr. Thomas G. McKenna 
Mrs. Anne K. McKenney 
Miss Edith McKlveen 
Mr. Philip G. McKown, Jr. 
Mrs. Edith L. McLendon 
Dr. Alan M. McLeod 
Miss C. Enid McLeod 
Dr. Harry R. McLeod 
Ms. E. Estella McMath 
Dr. Michael O. McMunn 
Mr. Kevin M. McNamara 
Dr. Donald H. McNeill, Jr. 
Mrs. Margaret R. McNeny 
Dr. Ewing W. McPherson 
Estate of Joseph L. McSparran 
Mr. Jack McSweeney 
Dr. W. David McWhorter 
Mrs. Ilsa K. McWold 
Dr. James C. Meador, Jr. 
Mr. Leonard M. Meador 
Mrs. Betty O. Meads 
Dr. Arthur G. Meakin 
Dr. Harry L. Mears, Jr. 
Miss Nancy E. Mehlich 
Dr. Robert T. Melgaard 
Dr. Harvey E. Melton 
Mrs. Lorraine P. Melworth 
Dr. Louis M. Mendelson 
Dr. Dolores Mendez-Cashion 
Dr. Robert T. Mendle 
Dr. Martin J. Menges, Jr. 
The Merck Company Foundation 
Dr. Frank F Marker 
Ms. Ann M. Merrall 
Dr. Roger C. Memll 
Mr. Charles H. Merritt 

Mrs. Ethel W. Merryman 

Col. Robert D. Metcalf 

Mr. John R. Metz 

Dr. Julien H. Meyer 

Dr. Richard B. Meyer 

Dr. George E. Meyerhoff 

Mr. Herbert H. Michaels, Jr. 

Dr. Richard A. Michaux 

Dr. H. Marvin Midkiff 

Dr. E. E. Mihalyka 

Dr. William S. Miles, Jr. 

Mr. Franklin B. Miller 

Mr. G. Carl Miller, Jr. 

Dr. Gary P. Miller 

Dr. Grayson B. Miller, Jr. 

Dr. Harold W. Miller, Jr. 

Mr. Harris H. Miller 

Mr. Irving C. Miller 

Miss Jane E. Miller 

Dr. Jay R. Miller 

Ms. Kathy B. Miller 

Mrs. Pamela F. Miller 

Mr. William S. Miller, Jr. 

Mr. Cecil C. Millner, Jr. 

Ms. Cindy A. Mills 

Dr. Demetrio P. Milonas 

Dr. Regina M. Milteer 

Mr. Hurley F. Minish 

Dr. Philip L. Minor 

Mrs. Judith H. Minter 

Dr. and Mrs. Paul D. Minton 

Mr. Michael R. Mintz 

Dr. A. B. H. Mirmelstein 

Dr. Susan Mirow 

Dr. Edith P. Mitchell 

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Mitchell 

Dr. Brooke M. Moffett 

Mrs. Robin M. Monroe 

Mr. Mark F. Montgomery 

Mr. Stephen H. Montgomery 

Dr. Alfred P. Moore 

Mr. and Mrs. John R. T. Moore 

Mrs. Mary Lou H. Moore 

Dr. Michael J. Moore 

Dr. W. Donald Moore 

Miss Adele E. Morgan 

Mrs. Brenda W. Morgan 

Mrs. Frances C. Morgan 

Mr. Harold R. Morgan, Jr. 

Mr. Harvey B. Morgan 

Dr. J. Stuart Morgan 

Mr. James P. Morgan, Jr. 

Ms. Jeanne M. Moriarty 

Dr. John F. Morris 

Mr. Robert C. Morris 

Miss Susan H. Mon-is 

Dr. Richard M. Morrison 

Mrs. Marsden G. Morse 

Mrs. Lillian D. Moseley 

Dr. Thomas H. Moseley 

Mr. David B. Moses 

Mr. John D. Mosher 

Mr. William M. Moss 

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur D. Motley, Jr. 

Mr. David E. W. Mott 

Mount Olive Baptist Church 

Dr. Perry D. Mowbray, Jr. 

Dr. James K. Muehleck 

Dr. J. Dennis Mull 

Mr. Edward B. Mulligan 

Miss M. Teresa Mullin 

Dr. David E. Mullins 

Dr. Edmund E. Mullins, Jr. 

Dr. Fitzhugh X. Mullins 

Mr. Hemnan L. Mullins 

Dr. Barbara A. Munjas 

Dr. Albert E. Munson 

Mr. John E. Murdock III 

Ms. Barbara C. Murphy 

Ms. Laura A. Murphy 

Mr. Robert E. Murphy, Jr. 

Mrs. Ann B. Murray 

Dr. Marion J. Murray, Jr. 

Dr. William M. Murray 

Mr. Donald P. Murrill 

Mr. Gordon L. Muse 

Board of Trustees, Museum of the 

Dr. Edward Myers 
Miss R. Denise Myers 


The N.C.R. Foundation 

NLT Corporation 

Dr. Martin R. Nagel 

Mr. Carl S. Napps 

Dr. Edwin M. Nash 

National Association of Chain Drug Stores 

National Distillers & Chemical Corporation 

Mr. Gary L. Naylor 

Mr. Bennett S. Nelson 

Dr. Charles H. Nelson, Jr. 

Mrs. Italy D. Nelson 

Mrs. Janet K. Nelson 

Mr. Robert W. Nelson 

Dr. William N. Nelson, Jr. 

Mr. James H. Nemecek 

Ms. Susan L. Nemeth 

Dr. Harold I. Nemuth 

Dr. Marcus G. Nemuth 

Miss Betty L. Nester 

Mr. Robert C. Neville 

Dr. William E. Newby 

Mr. Richard L. Newdick 

Miss Bertha M. Newell 

Mr. John W. Newell 

Miss Virginia Newell 

Dr. Charles L. Newland 

Mrs. Blance H. Newman 

Mr. N. Kendall Newsom 

Mr. Kenneth G. Newton 

Dr. Maurice E. Newton 

Mr. Nick G. Nicholas 

Miss Martha L Nicholes 

Dr. Tom R. Nicholls 

Mrs. Sheila W. Nichols 

Mr. Henry B. Nicholson, Jr. 

Mr. William S. Nicholson 

Dr. Douglas C. Niemi 

Dr. Richard M. Nisman 

Mr. Michael W. Noblette 

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Nooney, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. David S. Norris 

Mr. A. Marshall Northington 

Dr. Bernard P. Novak 

Mrs. Gale W. Nuckols 

Mr. Norman J. Nuckols 

Mrs. Daphne B. Oakes 

Mrs. Louise R. O'Bannon 

Dr. Margaret B. Obenschain 

Mr. Charles B. O'Brien 

Mr. Raymond W. O'Brien 

Mr. Thomas W. O'Brien 

Ms. Camryn C. O'Connor 

Mr. Charles A. O'Connor 

Ms. Cynthia E. O'Connor 

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. O'Connor 

Mrs. Shirley H. Odell 

Mrs. Diane P. Odie 

Mr. Herman W. Offermann, Jr. 

Mr. James F. Ogburn 

Dr. Edward M. O'Keefe 

Mrs. Minnie P. Oldham 

Mr. Faiz Oley 

Mrs. Clara B. Oliver 

Mrs. Edith M. Oliver 

Dr. George J. Oliver, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Olson 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Olson 

Mr. and Mrs. Chartes H. O'Neal 

Mrs. Edna R. Oppenheim 

Dr. Joseph B. Oram 

Dr. Walter M. Ormes, Jr. 

Mr. John H. Orton 

Mr. J. Troy Osborn 

Mrs. Jane C. Osby 

Dr. and Mrs. Raphael M. Ottenbrite 

Dr. W. Linwood Outten III 

Ms. Ruth C. Ouzounis 

Dr. William E. Overcash, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald T. Owen 

Mrs. Edythe T. Owen 

Mrs. Joyce G. Owen 

Owen, Minor and Bodeker, Inc. 

Dr. Stanley C. Owen 

Miss Jocelyn E. Owens 

Dr. Milton A. Owens 

Mr. Robert B. Oyler 

Mrs. Dorothy C. Packer 

Mr. Patrick H. Padberg 

Dr. Walter D. Padow 

Dr. Louis W. Painter 

Dr. William G. Painter, Jr. 

Dr. Edwin J. Palmer 

Mr. James F. Palmer 

Ms. Zoe K. Palmer 

Mrs. Tracy J. Paquin 

Dr. Morton A. Paret 

Ms. Carol R. Parice 

Mr. Austin T. Parker 

Dr. Carl P. Parker, Jr. 

Dr. Joseph D. Parker, Jr. 

Dr. Joseph L. Parker 

Mrs. Linda T. Parker 

Mrs. Mable B. Parker 

Mrs. Margery S. Parker 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Parker, Jr. 

Mr. William L. Parker 

Miss Sandra L. Parks 

Mr. Mark Parrington 

Mr. Dennis K. Parrish 

Mrs. Vanessa H. Partain 

Dr. Pete N. Pastore 

Mrs. Dorothea H. Patrick 

Mr. and Mrs. Ted Patrick 

Dr. Bernard L. Patterson 

Mr. Donald E. Patterson 

Mrs. Eleanor S. Patterson 

Ms. Gloria J. Patterson 

Mr. Jacob B. Patterson, Jr. 

Dr. John E. Patterson III 

Miss Harrietta A Patteson 

Mr. G. Stephen Paulini 

Dr. Robert E. Pavao 

Mrs. Rochelle J. Payne 

Mr, Van N. Peace 

Ms. Mary H. Peacock 

Mr. Richard J. Pearce 

Mrs. Helen G. Pearcy 

Miss Linda E. Pearson 

Mr. Richard B. Pearson 

Peat, Marwick, Mitchell & Co. 

Mr. Robert F. Peck 

Mr. Joseph E. Peery, Jr. 

Mr. Robert J. Pekarsky 

Mrs. Donna M. Pence 

Mrs. Elizabeth M. Pendleton 

Ms. Christine E. Perch 

Mr. and Mrs. Charies S. Perkins, Jr. 

Mrs. Diane A. Perkins 

Mr. Donald F. Perkins 

Mrs. Patricia R. Perkinson 

Or. Bruce M. Perlman 

Dr. T. Ray Pemne 

Dr. Chester Perry 

Dr. Walter Personius 

Mr. Clinton B. Peters 

Mr. John A. Petraitis 

Mr. John R. Petree 

Mr. Walton S. Pettit, Jr. 

Ms. Kathleen W. Pevsner 

Ms. Lillian E. Peyton 

Mr. James S. Phelgar, Jr. 

Mr. Marvin W. Phelps 

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Philbeck 

Philip Morris, Inc. 

Mrs. Patricia P. Phillippi 

Mr. E. Carlyle Phillips 

Mrs. Margaret S. Phillips 

Dr. R. Macon Phillips, Jr. 

Mrs. Frances L. Pickard 

Miss T. LaVerne Pickels 

Mrs. Robert S. Pickens 

Mrs. Carole S Pinover 

Mr. L. Wayne Plaster 

Mr. Donald A. Pleasants 

Mrs. Rebecca L. Plotkin 

Ms. Barbara R. Pokrasso 

Mr. Robert G. Polahar 

Dr. James R. Poliquin 

Miss Theresa Pollak 

Mr. and Mrs. Wadim Polujektoff 

Dr. A. Wright Pond 

Mr. Frederick 0. Pond II 

Mr. Eric D. Poole 

Ms. Susie D. Poole 

Dr. Donald M. Poretz 

Dr. Jose O. Pon-ata 

Mrs. Virginia M. Porter 

Mrs. Gaye W. Poteet 

Dr. Thomas G. Potterfield 

Ms. Louree Pottinger 

Mr. Arnold L. Powell 

Dr. Kenneth A. Powell 

Mr. Maynard R. Powell III 

Dr. Randall W. Powell 

Mr. Fames A. Powers 

Dr. James E. Powers 

Dr. William L. Pratt 

Mrs. Thelma S. Preer 

Mrs. Katherine A. Prentice 

Dr. Ellen J. Preston 

Dr. Ronald A. Preston 

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Pribisco 

Mrs. Barbara J. Price 

Mr. Douglas W. Price 

Ms. Margaret M. Price 

Mrs. Robert L. Price 

Dr. and Mrs. Steven Price 

Price Waterhouse Foundation 

Ms. Ruth N. Pridham 

Ms. Barbara K. Priebe 

Dr. John S. Prince 

Mr. Robert Prince 

Dr. Gordon Prior 

Mrs. Joyce M. Pritchard 

Mr. Michael D, Pritchard 

Ms. Chariotte M. Pritchett 

Dr. Robert A. Pruner 

Mr. William S. Przybysz, Jr. 

Dr. Robert L. Pugh 

Dr. Richard A. Pugliese 

Mrs. Patsy C. Pugsley 

A. M. Pullen & Company 

Mr. Everett Pulliam, Jr. 


Dr. Patrick T. Quisenberry 

R. M. C. Contractors, Inc. 

RMF Technologies 

Ms. Sarah C. Raabe 

Mr. Mitchell H. Racheau 

Mr. Heath K. Rada 

Mrs. Barbara G. Ragland 

Mr. Otho C. Ragland, Jr. 

Mrs. Sharon D. Raj 

Mr. M. B. Ralston III 

Dr. Frank F. Ramey 

Mrs. Carol R. Ramos 

Mrs. Elizabeth A. Ramsey 

Dr. Robert K, Ramsey 

Dr. Richard R. Ranney 

Mr. Samuel T. Ranson II 

Ms. Elizabeth A. Raper 

Miss Donna L. Rappolt 

Dr. Philip S. Rasulo 

Dr. Alfred A, Ratclitfe, Jr. 

Mrs. Alberta C. Rawchuck 

Dr. E. Cotton Rawls 

Dr. Patrick A. Reardon 

Mr. Lewis B. Redd 

Mr. John W. Redmond 

Dr. Fay O. Redwine 

Mr. Jesse W, Reel 

Ms. Paula L. Rees 

Mrs. Eleanor L. Reeves 

Ms. Ellen Regan 

Mr. Nelson K. Reid 

Mr. William R. Reid 

Dr. William E. Reish 

Dr. Paul Remer 

Dr. W. H. Remine, Jr. 

Ms. Angela Renesis 

Republic National Bank of New York 

Miss Katherine V. Reuter 

Reynolds Metals Company Foundation 

R. J. Reynolds Industries, Inc. 

Miss Frances L. Rex 

Mr. H. Paul Rhodes 

Mrs. Linda L. Rhodes 

Mr Thomas J Rice III 

Mrs. Patricia M. Rich 

Dr. Paul S. Richards 

Dr. Robert D. Richards 

Dr. Gary M. Richardson 

Mr. H. M. Richardson 

Mr. Jack W. Richardson, Sr. 

Miss Laura A. Richardson 

Dr. Lucile W. Richardson 

Richmond Commonwealth Hotels 

The Richmond Pharmaceutical 

Association, Woman's Auxiliary 
Richmond Public Relations Association 
Dr. Wilbur M. Riddle 
Dr. Ralph S. Riffenburgh 
Mrs. Deborah C. Riley 
Mr. Edward J. Riordan 
Mr. Thomas W. Rivenbark 
Mrs. Lillian K. Rivera 
Mrs. Rosalind W. Roach 
Mr. William L Roach 
Dr. James M. Roberson, Jr. 
Dr. William L. Roberson 
Mr. Kenneth S. Roberts 
Dr. Lucien W. Roberts, Jr. 
Dr. A. Andrew Robertson 
Mr. Floyd A. Robertson, Jr 
Dr. Jesse D. Robertson 
Dr. Kenneth J. Robertson 
Dr. Louise W. Robertson 
Mrs. Pattie G. Robertson 
Dr. Richard L. Robertson 
Dr. Paul W. Robinett 
A. H. Robins Company, Inc. 
Mr. E, Claiborne Robins 
Dr. Richard B. Robins 
Dr. Spotswood Robins 
Mr. Danny R. Robinson, Sr. 
Dr. J. A, Robinson 
Dr. J. Fuller Robinson, Jr. 
Mrs. Mary O. Robinson 
Mr. Gary W, Roche 
Ms. Harriet Rochkind 
Dr. Rafael Rodriguez-Molina 

Mr. Patrick L. Roe 

Dr. A, A. Rogers 

A. A. Rogers Fund 

Mrs. Alene R. Rogers 

Mr. George E. Rogers, Jr. 

Mrs. Guila G. Rogers 

Dr. Jay E. Rogers, Jr. 

Mrs. I^^azie T. Rogers 

Mr. Robert L. Rogers 

Dr. Donald S. Roland 

Mr. George S. Roland 

Mr. Larry L. Rolando 

Mrs. Bertha C. Rolfe 

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Roll 

Dr. and Mrs. Gerald W. Roller 

Mrs. Marianne R, Rollings 

Ms. Hazel S. Roman 

Dr. and Mrs. Donald W. Romhilt 

Mr. R. Reginald Rooke 

Mr. Thomas W Rorrer III 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Rorrer. Jr. 

Dr. Eli L. Rose 

Dr. John B. Rose III 

Dr. John B, Rose, Jr. 

Mrs. Patricia D, Rose 

Ms. Shem L. Rose 

Mr. Fred P. Rosen 

Mr. Melvin E. Rosen, Jr. 

Dr. Benjamin Rosenberg 

Mr. Gerald M. Rosenberg 

Dr. Neil Rosenberg 

Dr. Fred H. Rosenblum 

Dr. Philip A. Rosenfeld 

Dr. Norman Rosenthal 

Mrs. Trudy T. Rosenthal 

Dr. Lowell J. Rosman 

Dr. James L. Ross 

Dr. Michael B. Ross 

Mrs. Elaine Z. Rothenberg 

Mr. Roger C. Rothman 

Dr. Lloyd S. Rothouse 

Dr. Patricia B. Rothouse 

Ms. Eunice M. Rountree 
Mr. A. Kemp Rowe 
Miss Carol A. Rowe 
Dr. Franl< E. Roweii 
Mrs. Caroi H. Russell 
Miss Dorsye E. Russell 
Mrs. Jane B. Russell 
Mr. Marvin K. Russell 
Mr. Milo F. Russell 
Mrs. Sabra S. Russell 
Dr. Timothy E. Russell III 
Dr. and Mrs. Samuel V. Russo 
Mr. William H. Rutherfoord 
Dr. Ralph J. Rutledge, Jr. 
Miss Elizabeth K. Ryan 
Dr. J. Thomas Ryan 


The S & H Foundation, Inc. 
Dr. Leroy S. Safian 
Mr. Roger L. Sager 
Mr. William A. Sager 
Mr. Nelson L. St. Clair, Jr. 
Mr. George H. St. George 
St. Philip Alumnae Association 
St. Philip Alumnae Chapter, 

Tuskegee Chapter 
Dr. Milton Salasky 
Mr. S. Jackson Salasky 
Dr. Ernest J. Saliba, Jr. 
Dr. Karl C. Saliba 
Salisbury Garden Club 
Dr. George F. Salle 
Dr. John J. Salley 
Dr. John M. Salmon 
Dr. Roy B. Sampson, Jr. 
Mrs. Rachel H. Sanbom 
Mr. Robert G. Sanderson 
Dr. Julie C. Moller Santord 
Mr. Frank A. Sanson 
Dr. Diane J. Sansonetti 
Miss Christine L. Saum 
Mrs. Helen G. Saum 
Miss Karen Saunders 
Dr. Samuel E. Saunders, Jr. 
Dr. Thomas A. Saunders 
Mrs. Victoria P. Saunders 
Dr. Bernard M. Savage 
Mrs. Helen B. Savedge 
Mr. Lee F. Sayre 
Dr. Blaise C. Scavullo 
Dr. Frederick W. Schaerf 
Dr. Gail W. Schamback 
Mrs. Murip' A. Schapiro 
Dr. Georc,, D. Schare 
Mrs. Gilda K, Schenker 
Mrs. Virginia F. Schilbe 
Mr. William E. Schlueter III 
Dr. Alvin H. Schmaier 
Mrs. Catherine B. Schmidt 
Mrs. Mildred P. Schneider 
Dr. Jerome W. Schonfeld 
Mr. John J. Schooley 
Dr. James R. Schroeder 
Col. L. Mel Schulstad 
Mr. John J. Schwartz 
Dr. Philip J. Schwarz 
Mrs. Anne C. Scott 
Ms. Carolyn G. Scott 
Dr. Earl S. Scott 
Mrs. Rita K. Scott 
Dr. Robert B. Scott 
Mr. Walter H. Scott 
The Scripps-Howard Foundation 
Mrs. Margaret M. Scruggs 
Dr. Dorothy I. Scura 
Mr. James L. Seaborn, Jr. 
Dr. Richard E. Sedwick 
Mrs. Julianna L. Seely 
Mrs. Florence Z. Segal 
Mr. Thomas A. Segars 
Dr. John G. Sellers, Jr. 
Ms. Kay T. Sellers 
Mr. William M. Selvey, Jr. 
Ms. Bonnie B. Sey 
Mr. Melvin C. Shaffer 
Mr. William S. Shanks 

Miss Linda J. Shannon 

Mr. Jack N. Shapiro 

Dr. Edward H. Sharp 

Ms. Sherise D. Sharp 

Dr. Alton R. Sharpe, Jr. 

Mr. William H. Shaver 

Dr. Frederick C. Shaw 

Mr. Ernest T. Sheen 

Mr. Chester L. Shetfer 

Dr. William S. Shells 

Dr. Martin Sheintoch 

Dr. Ronald A. Shelin 

Mrs. Judith A. Shelly 

Mr. Frank J. Shelton, Jr. 

Mr. Jack L. Shelton 

Mrs. Marilynn S. Shelton 

Mr. Richard J. Shelton, Jr. 

Dr. William A. Shelton 

Mr. and Mrs. William C. Shelton 

Dr. and Mrs. Felix E. Shepard 

Mrs. Jean M. Shepard 

Mr. Van Shepherd 

Dr. L. Benjaman Sheppard 

Mr. William L. Sheppard 

Dr. Earl T. Sherman 

Dr. Leo F. Sherman 

Mrs. Alease R. Sherron 

Miss Lola M. Shiflet 

Mr. John M. Shiver 

Mrs. Dianne R. Short 

Ms. Marie J. Showalter 

Mrs. Carol B. Showker 

Mr. Bobby Shropshire 

Mrs. Marsha S. Shuler 

Mr. Kenneth A. Shull 

Mr. Ricky L. Shuman 

Dr. Domenjc A. Sica 

Mrs. Marcia W. Sidford 

Ms. Janet E. Siegel 

Dr. Stephen A. Siegel 

Siegel's Super Markets 

Mr. Joel S. Siegman 

Mr. John F. Sierzega 

Signal Financial Foundation 

Silver Burdett Company 

Dr. Fred M. Silverberg 

Dr. Harvey Silverman 

Dr. Robert A. Silverman 

Dr. Stanley S. Simon 

Miss Carta J. Simpson 

Mr. Danny E. Simpson 

Mrs. Louise F. Simpson 

Mrs. Norma V. Simpson 

Mr. Russell E. Simpson, Jr. 

Mr. Clinton B. Siries 

Mr. Craig A. Siries 

Mrs. Loretta W. Sisson 

Miss Kathryn A. Skudlarek 

Mr. John G. Slaughter 

Dr. Leon Slavin 

Mr. and Mrs. Charies A. Sledd 

Mr. Daniel P. Small 

Mrs. Mary K. Small 

Mr. David H. Smalley 

Mr. John A. Smalley 

Dr. Robert C. Smallridge 

Dr. William M. Smethie 

Mrs. Alice L. Smith 

Mrs. Bartjara C. Smith 

Mr. C. B. Smith 

Mrs. Carol L. Smith 

Dr. David D. Smith 

Mr. Dennis P. Smith 

Mr. Edward A. Smith, Jr. 

Ms. Geraldine Smith 

Mr. H. Gerald Smith 

Mrs. Helen R. Smith 

Dr. and Mrs. J. Doyle Smith 

Dr. James A. Smith, Jr. 

Dr. James H. Smith 

Mrs. Janet P. Smith 

Dr. John E. Smith 

Mr. Kirby H. Smith, Jr. 

Ms. Leah Smith 

Dr. Mark G. Smith 

Mr. Mitchell B. Smith 

Dr. Oscar O. Smith, Jr. 

Dr. Paul B. Smith, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel R. Smith 

Mr. Samuel T. Smith 

Ms. Sara A, Smith 

Miss Sharon L. Smith 

Miss Shirley L. Smith 

Mr. Stephen K. Smith, Jr. 

Mr. Thomas A. Smith 

Dr. Thomas G. Smith 

Mr. W. Roy Smith 

Mrs. Mae Belle L. Smyth 

Mr. Thomas G. Snead, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Sneeringer 

Mr. Stanley B. Snellings. Jr. 

Mr. Gary D, Snoddy 

Mr. James D. Snowa 

Dr. Joseph F. Snyder, Jr. 

Society of Real Estate Appraisers 

Dr. James P. Soderquist 
Dr. Ezrl S. Sokol 
Dr. George M. Solan 
Dr. Thomas H. Solenberger 
Dr. Stuart Solomon 
Mr. Edward B. Southard, Jr. 
Dr. Alvin J. Southworth 
Dr. Joanne G. Southworth 
Dr. Howard L. Sparks 
Maj. Wayne C. Spelius 
Dr. Terry G, Spence 
Dr. William M. Spence 
Mrs. Anne S. Spencer 
Dr. Henry S. Spencer 
Mrs. Mary H. Spencer 
Mr. Bany M. Spero 
Mrs. Sandra L. Spenry 
Dr. Thomas H. Sperry 
Dr. Michael A. Spinelli 
Dr. Marshall D. Spoto 
Mr. William L. Spriggs 
Miss Judith A. Spross 
Dr. Charles T. Sprouse, Jr. 
Ms. Rowena G. Sprout 
Dr. Richard T. Spurgas 
Dr. Peter W. Squire 
Mr. Gerald M. Stahl 
Mr. Jack D. Stainback 
Dr. Ralph J. Stalter 
Dr. James L. Stanley 
Miss Susan M. Stanley 
Mr. Alvin K. Stansbury 
Ms. Susette S. Stansell 
Mrs. Janice E. Stargell 
Ms. Margaret H. Starkey 
Mr. John P Stautfer 
Dr. Robert B. Steadman 
Dr. Benjamin J. Sletior III 
Mr. J. Douglas Steele 
Mr. E. Gamson Steffey, Jr. 
Dr. and Mrs. Jesse L. Steinfeld 
Mrs. Thelma S. Steingold 
Dr. Otto S. Steinreich 
Dr. Pete L. Stephens 
Dr. Bennett E. Stephenson, Jr. 
Dr. and Mrs. William Stepka 
Ms. Martha J. Stepp 
Mr. Paul Steucke 
Mr. Joseph E. Stevens, Jr. 
Dr. Wilkin R. Stevens 
Ms. Jo Anne Stevenson 
Mrs. Elizabeth R. Stewart 
Mr. Neil E. Stewart 
Miss Ann M. Stimpfl 
Miss Margaret J. Stimpfle 
Mr. Louis T. Stith 
Dr. Robert N. Stitt 
Mr. Robert A. Stobie 
Mrs. Harriet M. Stokes 
Mrs. Margaret B. Stokes 
Dr. William A. Stokes 
Mrs. Elizabeth R. Stone 
Dr. John E. Stone 
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond K. Stone 
Mr. Russell R. Stone 
Dr. Julian S. Stoutamyer 
Dr. Thomas P. Stratford 
Dr. Elizabeth C. Strawinsky 
Mrs. Deborah A. Streicker 
Dr. Earl W. Strickland 
Mrs. Jane O. Stringer 
Mrs. Jeanel P. Strohhofer 
Dr. Neil Stronach 
Strother Drug Company 
Dr. Paul A. Stroup, Jr. 

Dr. Lee A. Struckmeyer 
Elbridge Stuart Foundation 
Mrs. Brenda K. Stubbs 
Dr. Evelyn L. Stull 
Dr. Ramon M. Suarez, Sr. 
Mrs. Mary R. Sudzina 
Mrs. Anne P. Sufschmidt 
Dr. Joseph R. Suggs 
Mr. James H. Sullender 
Dr. Toson O. Summers 
Sun Belt Conference 
Dr. Adney K. Sutphin 
Mr. Thomas A. Suttertield 
Mr. R. Ronald Sutton 
Mr. Charies J. Sweat 
Mr. Paul H. Sweeney, Jr. 
Ms. Roberta M. Sweeny 
Ms. Nellie S. Swenson 
Mr. Bernard W. Swift 
Mrs. Carol E, Swrift 
Dr. David M. Swisher 
Mrs. Lynn K. Swope 
Mrs. Anne B. Sydnor 


No. 1 Softball Team, Tabernacle Baptist 

Dr. William R. Tabor 
Mrs. Eleanor M. Talcott 
Miss Lynn M. Talley 
Dr. Ronald L. Tankersley 
Miss Donna L. Tanner 
Dr. and Mrs. Maurice B. Tanner 
Dr. Paul A. Tanner, Jr. 
Dr. W. Woodrow Tanner 
Mr. Charles L. Tate 
Dr. George S. Tate, Jr. 
Mr. Larry Tatem 
Dr. Britton E, Taylor 
Mr. Dwight D. Taylor 
Mr. Ernest R. Taylor III 
Dr. Harold D. Taylor 
Mrs. Hilda R. Taylor 
Mrs. Linda T. Taylor 
Mrs. Mary G. Taylor 
Mr. Michael L. Taylor 
Dr. Michael P. Taylor 
Mrs. Nancy B. Taylor 
Mrs. Phyllis A. Taylor 
Mrs. Sara R. Taylor 
Mr. Thomas A. Taylor 
Mr. and Mrs. W. Gordon Taylor 
Mrs. Sophia P. Teel 
Dr. Marvin J. Tennenbaum 
Miss Janet A. Tennyson 
Dr. James F. Terrell 
Mr. Robert L. Ten-ell, Jr. 
Charles M. Terry & Company 
Mr. Stephen R. Terry 
Maj. Wayne G. Terry 
Miss Esther Tesh 
Charles G. Thalhimer and Family 

Morton C. Thalhimer, Inc. 
Dr. Christine Thelen 
Dr. Marvin E. Thews, Jr. 
Dr. David Thickman 
Miss Denise A. Thomas 
Dr. E. R. Thomas 
Mr. Edward G. Thomas 
Dr. G. June Thomas 
Mr. James D. Thomas 
Mrs. Jean H. Thomas 
Mrs. Marion S. Thomas 
Ms. Shirtey M. Thomas 
Dr. J. Frank Thomason 
Ms. Jacqueline Thomason 
Dr. Frederick N. Thompson 
Dr. Girard V. Thompson, Jr. 
Mrs. Jessie Thompson 
Dr. W. Taliafero Thompson, Jr. 
Mr. William H. Thompson 
Mr. Wirt L. Thompson III 
Miss Minnie E. Thorne 
Mr. Robert M. Thornton 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Thornton, Jr. 
Dr. Robert H. Thrasher 
Dr. Mary C. Thrift 

Mr. Donald K. Thurston 
Dr. James Tidier 
Mr. Stephen L. Tidier 
Mr. Donald E. Tillett 
Mr. E. L Tilley 
Mr. Edward L. Tilman 
Time Incorporated 
Mrs. Jane W. Timma 
Dr. John H. Timmerman 
Mrs. Sandra E. Tims 
Mr. L Amos Tinnell 
Mrs. Margaret C. Tluszcz 
Mr. Henry Tobler III 
Dr. John W. Todd III 
Mr. Lional A. Todd 
Mr. John E. Tomlinson 
Dr. Elam C. Toone, Jr. 
Mrs. Marion Waller Toone 
Touche Ross & Company 
Mrs. Donna B. Towberman 
Mr. Thomas J. Towberman 
Dr. Charles J. Townsend 
Dr. George N. Trakas 
Dr. Hoa Dinh Tran 
Mrs. Carole G. Traylor 
Mr. Samuel H. Treger 
Dr. Victor J. Tricarico 
Dr. E. Randolph Trice 
Mr. Basil R. Tripp 
Dr. Marlin F. Troiano 
Dr. Lewis S. Trostler 
Miss Elizabeth J. Trout 
Miss Cynthia A. Trusilo 
Dr. Harry A, Tubbs 
Ms. Coriis A. Tucker 
Dr. James T. Tucker 
Dr. W. L. Tucker 
Dr. William E. Tuggle 
Ms. Carol Tully 
Mrs. Betty H. Turkal 
Mrs. June H, Turnage 
Dr. Joseph H. Turner 
Mr, Joseph V. Turner III 
Capt. Thomas W. Turner 
Dr. Leo L. Tylec 
Dr. Gilman R. Tyler 
Mrs. Rosabelle Tyree 

UVB Foundation 

Miss Kathleen E. Uhler 

Mr. Paul M. Umberger 

Mrs. Sandra B. Underbill 

Dr. Allan M. Unger 

Union Camp Charitable Trust 

Union Oil Company of California Foundation 

United Virginia Bank, Lynchburg, Va. 

Mr. Christopher J. Utz 

Mrs. Ewa G. Vale 

Mr. Kenneth Valentin 

Mrs. Diane B. Valentine 

Dr. Lawrence E. Valentine 

Dr. Samuel F Vance III 

Dr. Halsey K. Van Duyne 

Miss Susan J. VanPool 

Mr. James L. Van Zee 

Mr. Leonard J. Vamiette, Jr. 

C. Porter Vaughn, Inc. 

Dr. George R. Vaughan 

Mr. Marion E. Vaughan 

Dr. Thomas J. Vaughan 

Mr. Robert W. Vawter, Jr. 

Mrs. Carol R. Veils 

Mrs. Mary M. Vennart 

Dr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Verber 

Mr. Lan7 E. Verbit 

Mr. Raymond J. Verbit 

Dr. James S. Vermillion 

Dr. George D Vermllya 

Mr. Anthony H. Vervena 

Dr. David L. Via 

Ms. M. Ann Vickery 

Mr, James B, Vigen 

Village Presbyterian Church 

Virginia Association of Collegiate Registrars 
and Admissions Officers 

Virginia Association of Realtors 

Virginia Citizen's Planning Association, Inc. 

VCU, School of Business, Department of Ac- 

VCU, School of Social Wori<, Graduate Student 

VCU/MCV, Department of Anatomy 

VCU/MCV, Faculty Women's Club 

VCU/MCV, School of Nursing, Class of 1980 

VCU/MCV, School of Nursing, Class of 1981 

VCU/MCV, School of Nursing, Faculty Assembly 

VCU/MCV, School of Nursing, Maternal- 
Child Nursing Department 

VCU/MCV, School of Pharmacy, 
Class of 1 980 

Virginia Department of Housing and 
Community Development, Office 
of Local Development Programs 

Virginia Drug Travelers 

Virginia Pharmaceutical Association 

Virginia Pharmaceutical Association, 
Women's Auxiliary 

Virginia Retal Merchants Association 

The Virginia Society of CPA's 

Virginia Tractor Company, Friends 

Mrs. Cannen F. Voetsch 

Mrs. MarjorieG. Vogeley 

Mr, Francis J. Volante 

Mrs. Thelma M. Vosl<a 

Mrs. Virginia A. W. Voss 

Mr. Kenneth L. Waddell 

Dr. James T. Waddell III 

Mrs. Nancy B. Wade 

Dr. Joseph J. Waff III 

Ms. Patrice R. Waggoner 

Mr. Benton Wahl, Jr. 

Dr. Jules M. Wainger 

Miss Lana L. Waite 

Dr. Richard N. Waldman 

Mr. Richard D. Waldrop 

Dr. Thomas C. Waldrop 

Dr. John T. Waike 

Ms. Debra A. Walker 

Mrs. Rebecca S. Walker 

Mrs. Thelma P. Walker 

Ms. Jacqueline J. Wall 

Dr. John G. Wall 

Dr. K. K. Wallace 

Dr. Kari K. Wallace, Jr. 

Dr. Raymond D. Wallace, Jr. 

Dr. Marion V. Waller 

Mr. Reuben J. Waller, Jr. 

Mrs. Morton L. Wallerstein 

Mrs. Darlene S. Walter 

Mrs. Barbara C. Walters 

Dr. William W. Walthall, Jr. 

Mr. Michael 8. Walton 

Dr. Galen L. Wampler 

Dr. J. Paul Wampler 

Mr. and Mrs. Walter R. Waraksa 

Mrs. Mattie K. Ward 

Dr. Oscar W. Ward, Jr. 

Ms. Pamela T. Ward 

Mr. Richard T. Ward 

Wards Foundation 

Ms. Derry Ware 

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph M. Ware, Jr. 

Dr. William M. Waring 

Dr. G. Hugh Warren, Jr. 

Mr. Joseph B. Warren 

Mr. Norman P. Wash 

Ms. Betty D. Washington 

Mrs. Lucy Washington 

Dr. T. B. Washington 

Dr. Howard B. Watkins 

Mrs. Ann M. Watson 

Dr. John W. Watson 

Lt. James L. Watters 

Dr. and Mrs. Daniel T. Watts 

Dr. William G. Way 

Dr. Francis X. Wazeter 

Dr. and Mrs. Warren E. Weaver 

Mr. Chartes E. Webb 

Mr. Raymond C. Webb, Jr. 

Mrs. Caroline G. Webbe 

Mr. R. Brent Webber 

Mrs. Leslee G. Weber 

Dr. Raymond E. Weddle 

Mr. W. Dale Weddle 

Mr. David A. Weems 

Mrs. Nancy R. Weinberg 

Dr. Harry Weiner 

Dr. Jerome H. Weinstein 

Dr. Tillie L. Weinstein 

Mr. Bernard M. Weiss 

Dr. and Mrs. Hertjert J. Welshimer 

Mr. Donald W. Wenger 

Mrs. Virginia G. Wessells 

Dr. Elliott E. West III 

Mr. Herman L. West 

Miss Marie H. West 

Dr. Marvin F. West 

Mr. Robert L. West 

Westbrook Hospital 

Mrs. Lockard R. Westbrook 

Mrs. Margaret S. Westbrook 

Mrs. Karen S. Westerman 

Mr. Paul J. Wexler 

Mr. Thomas G. Whedbee, Jr. 

Dr. Jock R. Wheeler 

Ms. Karen M. L. Whelan 

Dr. J. Ruffin Wheless III 

Dr. Robert A. Whisnant, Jr. 

Mrs. Vickie K. Whitaker 

Mrs. Katherine B. Whitby 

Dr. H. George White, Jr. 

Mr. J. Ellington White 

Mrs. J. R. White 

Dr. James L. White 

Mrs. Marie S. White 

Dr. Raymond P. White, Jr. 

Mr. Robert J. White 

Mr. Don P. Whited 

Mr. David C. Whitehead, Jr. 

Miss Gertrude E. Whitehead 

Mr. C. Harrill Whitehurst 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Whitener 

Mr. Ernest L. Whitley 

Mr. Willie W. Whitlock 

Ms. Betty S. Whitlow/ 

Mrs. Francine W. Whittaker 

Mrs. Susan C. Whitton 

Dr. Claiborne G. Whitworth 

Mr. F. Dixon Whitworth, Jr. 

Dr. James R. Wickham 

Mr. Robert P. Wiedemer 

Mr. David M. Wilberger, Jr. 

Dr. Edward J. Wiley, Jr. 

Dr. Patricia L. Wiley 

Dr. Louis R. Wilkerson 

Dr. Vivian M. Wilkerson 

Ms. Bonnie B. Wilkins 

Dr. James W. Wilkinson 

Mrs. Mary M. Willems 

Dr. H. I, Willett 

Mr. Robert E. Willey, Jr. 

Mrs. Betty M. Williams 

Dr. Edward H. Williams 

Dr. Edwin S. Williams 

Dr. Frances S. A. Williams 

Mr. Fred A. Williams 

Mr. Jack N. Williams 

Mrs. Jackie G. Williams 

Mr. James F. Williams 

Dr. James N. Williams 

Dr. Jeffrey S. Williams 

Dr. John 8. Williams 

Dr. L. Mildred Williams 

Dr. Marvin T. Williams 

Mrs. Mary C. Williams 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Williams 

Dr. Robert A. Williams 

Dr. Robert K. Williams 

Mrs. Romona P. Williams 

Dr. Victoria R. Williams 

Mr. David G. Williamson, Jr. 

Dr. Hayes E. Willis 

Mr. W. Earl Willis 

Dr. J. Henry Willis 

Ms, Mary Anne Willson 

Ms. Karol D. Wilson 

Miss Margaret A. Wilson 

Dr. Richard I. Wilson 

Dr. Robert A. Wilson 

Mr. Wilbert M. Wilson 

Mr. Carl T. Wimmer 

Mrs. Otti Y. Windmueller 

Mr, John R. Wine 
Dr. James B. Winegar 
Dr. F. Quinby WIngfield, Jr. 
Dr. J. Marshall Winkfield 
Mr. F. Bliss Winn, Jr. 
Ms. Jacqueline 8. Winn 
Dr. Mary T. Winslow 
Mr. Gregory A. Winston 
Mrs. Lillian G. Winston 

Miss Wendy A. Winters 

Mrs. Ruthan C. Wirman 

Mr. William D. Wisman 

Dr. Abund O. Wist 

Dr. Thomas W. Witmer 

Mrs. Kathryn S. Wittichen 

Dr. and Mrs. Timothy C. Wolfgang 

Dr. Keith H. Wolford 

Dr. Philip L. Wolgin 

Women's Council of Realtors, Tidewater 

Women's Council of Realtors, Virginia 

State Chapter 
Mr. Peter Wong 
Mr. Carlson Woo 
Dr. Hong Y. Woo 
Mr. and Mrs. Charies H. Wood 
Mr. Charies T. Wood 
Mr. James R. Wood 
Mrs. Lorita B. Wood 
Mr. Phinehas L. Wood 
Mr. G. Wayne Woodcock 
Miss Rebekah L. Woodie 
Dr. Harvey C. Woodruff III 
Dr. and Mrs. L. A. Woods 
Dr. E. Patterson Woodworth 
Mrs. Alice E. Woodyard 
Mrs. Peggy J. Woolf 
Miss Viola H. Woolfolk 
Dr. William R. Woolner 
Dr. Jane P. Wootton 
Dr. Percy Wootton 
Dr. Henry P. Won-ell 
Dr. W. Nelson Worrell 
Mr. William C. Worsham 
Dr. and Mrs. James W. Wotring, Jr. 
Miss Elizabeth L. Wright 
Mr. Frederick R. Wright, Jr. 
Ms. Lucy Wright 
Mr. Raymond L. Wright, Jr. 
Mrs. Willie A. Wright 
Dr. Susan L. Wyant 


Mrs. Sharon W. Yacura 

Miss Janet K. Yamada 

Mr. Q. Eari Yancey 

Mr. Raymond A. Yancey 

Dr. Daniel A. Yanchisin 

Mr. Thomas R. Yane 

Dr. Dabney R. Yarbrough III 

Dr. Terry P. Yarbrough 

Dr. H. Taylor Yates, Jr. 

Mr. William C. Yehle 

Dr. Phillip C. Yertjy III 

Dr. Doris B. Yingling 

Mr. Kea I. Yoon 

Arthur Young & Company 

The Arthur Young Foundation 

Dr. Glenn A. Young 

Dr. Raymond A. Young 

Dr. Reuben B. Young, Jr. 

Dr. Allan K. Yung 

Dr. Edward A. Zakib 

Mrs. Ann 8. Zelenak 

Dr. James J. Zelenak 

Dr. Marvin Zelkowitz 

Mr. Robert L. Zentmeyer 

Mr. Stephen R. Zentmeyer 

Mrs. Evelyn 8. Ziegler 

Mr. William G. Ziletti, Jr. 

Mrs. Isabel R. Zimmerman 

Dr. George A. Ziri<le, Jr. 

Dr. Joseph M. Znoy 

Mr. William J. Zoltowicz 

Mrs. Marcella T. Zom 

Mr. Peter A. Zuger 

Mr. Gary D. Zwicker 

Contributions Through The AMA 

The following donors contributed a total of 
$12,999.69 to the School of Medicine through 
the American Medical Association's Education 
Research Fund. These gifts — made directly to 
the AMA and received by the School of 
Medicine between July 1, 1980 and June 30, 
1981— are not included in VCU Annual Fund 


Dr. Steven J. Abramedis 

Dr. and Mrs. Theodore Adier 

Dr. Ernest B. Agee, Jr. 

Dr. Earl D. Allara 

Dr. and Mrs. Francis D. Andres 

Dr. and Mrs. D. E. Andrews 

Arlington, Va., Women's Auxiliary 

Dr. Charles C. Ashbv 

Dr. and Mrs. John W. Barnard 

Dr. Ardwin H. Barsanti 

Mrs. Barbara Bolton 

Dr. and Mrs. Barry Byer 

Dr. and Mrs. Homer Bartley 

Dr. and Mrs. Michael E. Beall 

Dr. and Mrs. William L. Bekenstein 

Dr. and Mrs. Robert B. Belk 

Dr. William R. Bishop 

Dr. and Mrs. W. M. Bongel 

Mrs. E. W. Bosworth 

Dr. and Mrs. P. J. Bowen 

Dr. and Mrs. W. A. Boyce 

Dr. John O. Boyd, Jr. 

Dr. Leroy P. Bragg 

Dr. and Mrs. David W. Branch 

Mrs. James W. Brittain 

Dr. George K. Brooks, Jr. 

Mrs. Raymond Brown 

Dr. Robert A. Brown, Jr. 

Dr. and Mrs. Hemnan W. Brubaker 

Dr. and Mrs. P. Burstein 

Dr. Brian C. Campden-Main 

Dr. and Mrs. Arthur A. Carr 

Dr. and Mrs. Douglas W. Carr 

Mrs. Hosein Changizi 

Dr. and Mrs. Mohammad H. Changizi 

Dr. and Mrs. James P. Chariton 

Dr. Oscar W Clarke 

Dr. Beverley B. Clary 

Dr. and Mrs. Merrill S. Climo 

Miss Peggy A. Cohen 

Mrs. Dorothy Cone 

Dr. George B. Craddock 

Mrs. David C. Crittenden 

Dr. Joseph L. Crosier 

Dr. and Mrs. William F. Crutchley 

Dr. and Mrs. George H. Cudworth 

Mrs. Joseph F. Davis 

Dr. and Mrs. Wallace L. Dawson 

Dr. and Mrs. James W. Dickie 

Dr. John J. Dobbie 

Dr. James D Drinkard 

Mrs. Leo J. Dunn 


Dr. and Mrs. James T. Edwards, Jr. 

Dr. Stuart J. Eisenberg 

Dr. and Mrs. Charies M. Elliott 

Dr. and Mrs. Hariey M. Ellman 

Dr. Nicholas Emjiiano 

Dr. Milton Ende 

Dr. and Mrs. William F, Enos, Jr. 

Dr, and Mrs. H. E. Ernst 

Dr. Farhang Eslami 

Fairfax, Va., Women's Auxiliary 

Dr. and Mrs. Richard Harding Fisher 

Dr. Hamilton D. Fitzpatrick 

Dr. Herman J. Flax 

Dr. Donald F. Retcher, Jr. 

Dr. and Mrs. Charies P. Ford, Jr. 

Dr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Forman 

Dr. and Mrs. Earl R. Fox 

Dr. and Mrs. A. B. Frazier 

Dr. F. L. Freda 

Dr. and Mrs. James C. Gale 

Dr. Rudolph C. Gartjer 

Mrs. Ellen D. Gentile 

Mrs. C. Ernest Gibb, Jr 

Miss Ann Giles 

Mrs. Mary Gillen 

Dr. Ira D. Godwin 

Dr. Edgar C. Goldston 

Dr. and Mrs. H. S. Golumb 

Dr. Thomas F. Goode 

Mrs. William Gordge 

Dr. and Mrs. Paul E. Gordon 

Dr. O. T. Graham, Jr. 

Dr. and Mrs. Nelson T. Gray 

Dr. and Mrs. Julius Griffin 

Dr. William S. Grizzard 

Dr. and Mrs. Robert L. Guillaudeu 

Dr. L. W. Gustalow 


Dr. Hanns C. Haesslein 

Dr. William J. Hagood, Jr. 

Dr. Lloyd E, Halvorson 

Dr. Seymour E. Harris 

Dr. Rodgers W Harshbarger 

Mrs. Evelyn Heath 

Dr. and Mrs. John F. Heath 

Dr. Gilbert L. Hendricks, Jr. 

Dr and Mrs. Lester F. Henry, Jr. 

Dr. and Mrs. M. Hevener 

Mrs. William Hill 

Mrs. Randolph H. Hoge 

Dr. G. Holden 

Mrs. Hampton Hubbard 

Dr. and Mrs. George H. Hull 

Irdell. NC, Women's Auxiliary 

Dr. and Mrs. B. Jackson 

Dr. and Mrs. Walter J. Jacumin 

Dr. Charies F. James, Jr, 

Dr. and Mrs. C, Leon Jennings, Jr. 

Mrs. Lester Johnson 

Dr. and Mrs. Benjamin N. Jones 

Dr. and Mrs. Wilbur L. Jones 

Dr. Claus Kelbing 

Dr. Charles W. Kinzer 

Dr. and Mrs. Jefferson B. Kiser, Jr. 

Dr. Robert J. Knerr 

Dr. and Mrs. Rolf A. Koehler 

Dr. and Mrs. Herbert E. Lane, Jr. 

Dr. Michael J. LaPenta 

Dr. and Mrs. Andrew M. Lang 

Dr. Walter Lawrence, Jr. 

Dr. P. R. Layman 

Dr. Hertaert M. Levitt 

Dr. and Mrs. Hudnall J. Lewis 

Dr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Lindley 

Dr. Otis E. Linkous, Jr 

Dr. and Mrs. Lucio Lucdoli 

Dr. Herman J. Lukeman 

Dr. John M. Lukeman 

Dr. and Mrs. Athey R. Lutz 

Lynchburg, Va., Women's Auxiliary 


Dr. Forrest D. McCoig 

Dr. William B. Mcllwaine III 

Dr. and Mrs. W. L. McLemore 

Dr. and Mrs. Ewing W. McPherson 

Dr. and Mrs, Nicholas H. Maganias 

Dr. V. A. Marks 

Dr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Masters 

Dr. and Mrs. Francis M. Mastrota 

Dr. E. N. Maxwell 

Dr. Victor E. Mazzocco 

Dr. James C, Meador, Jr. 

Dr. and Mrs. Arthur G. Meakin 

Medical Society of Virginia 

Medical Society of Virginia, Women's 

Dr. Frank F. Merker 
Dr. Dorothy D. Moore 
Dr. J. Moore 
Dr. Pamela R, Moore 
Dr. Charles H. Moseley 
Dr. and Mrs. Richard J. Muivaney 
Dr. and Mrs. Philip F. Murray 
Mrs. M. Pinson Neal 
Dr. and Mrs. Spottswood P. Neale 
Dr. Michael A. Nemir 
Dr. Harry Nenni 

Dr. and Mrs, Richard Milton Newton 
Dr. Mark L. Nichols 
Dr. and Mrs, Stephen M. Norfleet 
ETC Northampton, Va., Women's 

Dr. and Mrs. Carios E. Odioga 
Dr. Walter D. Pari<hurst 
Dr. P. A. N. Pastore 
Dr. Francis R. Payne, Jr. 
Dr. and Mrs. Gemt Peereboom 
Dr. C. J. Perini 

Petersburg, Va., Women's Auxiliary 
Dr. Glenn Ward Phipps 
Dr. and Mrs. R. Pollack 
Dr. and Mrs. Ernest T. Poole 
Dr. and Mrs. James M. Porterfield, Jr. 
Dr. and Mrs. Robert A. Pruner 


Dr. arKi Mrs. Robert K. Quinnell 

Dr. Patrick A. Reardon 

Dr. and Mrs. William J. Reardon 

Dr. Charles W. Reavis 

Dr. V. Reddy 

Dr. Benjamin H. Rice 

Dr. Louis E, Richard 

Richmond, Va,, Women's Auxiliary 

Dr, Louise W, Robertson 

Dr. Jay E, Rogers, Jr. 

Mrs. Mary Rogers 

Dr. and Mrs. Gerald W. Roller 

Dr. and Mrs. E. P. Russo 

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas W, Sale 

Dr. Robert W, Schimpf 

Dr. Julius L. Schwartz 

Dr. Ralph M. Scott 

Mrs. Wilma Seyler 

Dr. and Mrs, Jack LeRoy Shelburg 

Dr. and Mrs, M, A, Shoham 

Dr. and Mrs. Joseph W, Siewick 

Dr. and Mrs, James P. Simsarian 

Dr. and Mrs. Michael Skolochenko 

Mrs. John Smith 

Mrs. R. Blackwell Smith 

Dr. and Mrs, Thomas G, Smith 

Dr, Henry M, Snell 

Mrs, Stuart Solomon 

Dr. and Mrs, Ray A, Soltany 

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Sperry 

Dr. Teresas Spindel 

Dr, Randolph W, Stari< 

Dr, and Mrs. Thomas H. Stark 

Dr. and Mrs, Eugene O. S. Stevenson 

Dr. and Mrs. Julian S, Stoutamyer 

Dr. Jonathan M. Sutton 

Dr. and Mrs, William H. Talbot, Jr. 

Dr. and Mrs, Terry F, Tanner 

Dr, and Mrs, All Tavacol 

Dr, Andrew S, Tegeris 

Dr. and Mrs. John E, Thorn, Jr, 

Dr. and Mrs. Milton R, Tignor, Jr. 

Dr. Robert S. Turner, Jr. 

Dr. Leo L. Tylec 


Dr. and Mrs. Samuel F. Vance 

Dr. Stephen F. Vaughan 

Dr. and Mrs. R. L. Vermillion 

Dr. C C. Vick 

Mrs. Clyde W. Vick, Jr. 

Virginia Beach, Va.. Women's Auxiliary 

Dr, Robert W. Waddell 

Dr. and Mrs. John T. Waike 

Mrs. Lottie Wallace 

Dr. and Mrs. Fred Walls, Jr. 

Dr. and Mrs, Maximilian G, Walten 

Dr. Michael J. Walters 

Dr, and Mrs, Jack C. W, Warnock 

Dr, Rufus H, Warren 

Dr. and Mrs. James A, Wassum 

Dr. Russell B, Wayland III 

Dr, and Mrs. Leroy Webb 

Mrs. Gerald Weitzman 

Dr. W. Leonard Weyl 

Dr. and Mrs, Eari D, White II 

Dr. and Mrs, G. White 

Mrs, R, W, White 

Dr. and Mrs. Herbert L. Widener 

Dr, Harold E, Wilkins 

Dr, and Mrs, Harry S. Wilks 

Dr. C. Williams 

Dr. and Mrs, Edwin L. Williams II 

Dr. and Mrs, Frederick M, Williams 

Mr. and Mrs. James Williams 

Miss Patricia Wing 

Dr, Charies A, Wilson 

Dr, and Mrs, Fred E, Wise, Jr. 

Dr. and Mrs. Norman M. Woldorf 

Dr. and Mrs, Keith H. Wolford 

Dr. R, H, Wood 

Dr. William R. Woolner 

Dr. and Mrs. Einar J. Wulfsberg 

Dr. and Mrs. Ira 8. Young 

Gifts in Memory Of 

Gifts were made in memory of the following 
individuals during the past year (July 1, 1979 to 
June 30, 1980). The donors' names are 
included in the Roll of Donors. 

Mr. Stephen P. Adamson 

Mr. Bernard H. Arey 

Mr. Eric D. Barnes 

Mr. Anthony Black 

Mrs. Imogene Britton 

Mr. Theodore R. Capps 

Mr. John C. Claytons mother 

Mr. Alfred J. Cohn 

Mr. E. G. Cummings 

Dr. Kenneth J. Curry 

Mr. R. D. Eavey 

Mr. James Exiey 

Mr. David Feldman 

Dr. Mary Virginia Gallagher 

Dr. Warren W. Koontz 

Ms. Lily L. Kue 

Mr. Gerald Milchin 

Mr. Robert O. Richter, Jr. 

Mrs. Vernelle P. Roache 

Mr. Bernard Rose 

Mr. Harry T. Shaia 

Dr. William M. Shanklin 

Dr. Richard L. Simpson 

Mr. James A. Smithson 

Mrs. S. H. Steelman 

Ms. Carole Steinke 

Mr. John stover 

Dr. Harold Syrop 

Mr. and Mrs. William Sampson Wiley 

Ms. Nora J. Wolfe 

Gifts in Honor Of 

A number of contributors to the university this 
past year chose to make gifts in honor of the 
following individuals. The names of those 
making the contributions are listed in the Roll of 

Ms. Kathleen Busic 
Dr. Thomas O. Hall 
Dr. Miles F. Johnson 
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Klaus 
Mr. Warren Landis 
Miss Amy Lyn Lowenstein 

Dr. and Mrs. J. D. Markham 
Mr. and Mrs. Alec Meyers 
Dr. Richard F. Perkins 
Ms. Elizabeth R. Smith 
Dr. Eugene White 
Mr. Nathaniel Wice 



"If VCU's recruits are as good 
as their press clippings might 
suggest," wrote Fred Jeter, a VCU 
alumnus now with the Richmond 
News Leader, "look for the Rams to 
be in the thick of another Sun Belt 
Conference scramble." 

And he is right. 

Coach J. D. Barnett goes him 
one better and promises that the 
1981-82 Rams will be seeking both 
the Conference and Tournament 
championships as well as the 
opportunity for a national cham- 

Three new faces could join the 
6-8 All-Sun Belt center Kenny 
Stancell and wing guard Monty 
Knight, an All-SBC selection two 
years ago, in the Ram lineup. 
Knight, who was hampered much 
of last year after undergoing knee 
surgery in the summer, has re- 
covered all of the grace and 
confidence he had when he led 
the Rams in scoring in 1979-80. 

Three other returnees who are 
bigger and better than a year ago, 
junior Greg Shropshire and 
sophomores Dan Jones and Stan 
Davis, are ready to fight for 
starting assignments. Each of the 
three helped VCU to the 24-5 
record last year and holds an 
experience advantage over the 

"Each player we recruited is a 
definite first-year player," said 
Barnett. "We have had a great 
recruiting year." 

Howard Garfinkel, one of the 
nation's top recruiting specialists, 
rated VCU's backcourt recruits as 
the best in the nation. That trio 
consists of Calvin Duncan, 
Rolando Lamb, and Steve Silva. 
All three were listed among the 
top eight high school players in 

The best of the lot is probably 
Duncan, a 6-3 big guard from Oak 

Hill Academy in Mouth of Wil- 
son. Duncan (27 points, 63 per- 
cent from the field) made a 
number of national top 50 lists, 
including Basketball Weekly's. He 
could be an instant star. 

A superb athlete and excellent 
all-around player, Duncan had 
committed to Jacksonville, but a 
coaching switch at that school 
gave VCU a second chance, and 
the Rams capitalized. 

Right up there with Duncan is 
Lamb, a 6-2 All-Group AAA star 
at Portmouth's Cradock High 
School. The Rams stole Lamb 
right out of Old Dominion Uni- 
versity's backyard. Lamb (29 
points, 12 rebounds) will probably 
open at the point next season. 

Silva, a teammate of Duncan's 
at Oak Hill Academy, is a 6-3 
point guard who made Basketball 
Weekly's honorable mention 
All-American team. Silva (15 

points, 9 assists) is a sensational 
playmaker, and could push Lamb 
for the starting point spot. 

Randy Corker, a 6-6 forward 
from Howard Junior College in 
Big Spring, Texas, is another good 
catch. Corker (26 points, 9 re- 
bounds) was the No. 5 leading 
scorer among junior college 
players as a freshman, and will 
have three years of eligibility at 
VCU. As a high school senior in 
Trenton, New Jersey, Corker was 
first-team, all-state in the top level 
of prep competition. 

VCU has also signed Mike 
Schlegel, a 6-8, 215-pounder from 
Long Island, New York. Schlegel 
(22 points, 14 rebounds) could 
play either forward slot. 

Bobby Shropshire, a 6-5 signee 
from Fort Worth, Texas, is the 
brother of current VCU player 
Greg Shropshire, a reserve. 
Bobby (14 points, 12 rebounds, 7 
assists), supposedly a better 
player than his brother, is a 


In addition, Tim Carr, a 6-9 
transfer from Appalachian State, 
becomes eligible this season as a 
senior. That gives Barnett seven 
new faces this season, and op- 
posing teams something to think 

Coach Barnett will have his 
Rams ready for the opening game 
November 16 against a travelling 
team from Australia. Starting with 
that encounter, the Rams will be 
playing the country's top-rated 

Twelve home games plus two 
tournaments will keep fans and 
team members busy. The Univer- 
sity of Virginia Tipoff Tourna- 
ment, November 27-28, will bring 
VCU, Virginia, George Mason, 
and Fairfield together at Char- 
lottesville. The Richmond 
Times-Dispatch Tournament, De- 
cember 28-29, will feature VCU, 
Virginia, James Madison, and the 
University of Richmond. 







Australia National Team 



U Va. Tip-Off Tournament 



(U Va., VCU, George Mason & Fairfield) 



John Hopkins University 



East Tenn State 



South Alabama 



James Madison University 



Old Dominion University 



Richmond Times Dispatch Tournament 



(U Va, Richmond, VCU, and James Madison) 



University of Alabama Birmingham 



University of North Carolina Charlotte 



William and Mary 



University of Richmond 



South Alabama (TV) 






South Florida 



Southern Mississippi 



St. Joseph's University 



Old Dominion University (TV) 



University of North CaroUna Charlotte (TV) 




James Madison University 



University of Richmond 



South Florida (TV) 






University of Alabama Birmingham (TV) 



William and Mary 







Did You Know. 

Graphic Humor at Library 

A U.S. War Bonds poster and 
130 original cartoons created by 
the American cartoonist Charles 
Henry "Bill" Sykes (1882-1942) 
have been acquired by the Special 
Collections Department of the 
James Branch Cabell Library. 

The cartoons which appeared in 
the Philadelphia Evening Ledger 
illustrate the events of the year 
1940. Many of them represent the 

American reaction to the aggres- 
sions of the Axis powers before 
the U.S. entered World War II. 
"Bill" Sykes graduated from 
Drexel Institute, Philadelphia, in 
1904. For a short time he did 
free-lance art work, then was 
successively employed by the 
Philadelphia North American, the 
Williamsport News and the 
Nashville Banner until 1911 when 
he returned to Philadelphia to 
work for the Philadelphia Public 

In 1941 he became the first and 
only editorial cartoonist employed 
by the Evening Public Ledger. The 
newspaper ceased publication in 
1942. Sykes also did work for 
national magazines; his work ap- 
peared in Collier's, and from 1922 
to 1928 he was an editorial car- 
toonist ioTLife magazine. 

The cartoons were given to 
VCU by John Sykes of Roanoke. 
They comprise a substantial addi- 
tion to the library's collection of 
original graphic humor. 





A Rave Review for the 18th 

"On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 would rate it 

an 11." 

"Superior to any I've attended. " 


What are all these people raving 
about? It's not a movie, but a 
living history seminar sponsored 
by The Robert E. Lee Memorial 
Association, Inc. and VCU. 

The one of a kind program had 
elementary and secondary school 
social studies teachers applying 
from all over the United States. 
Applications were screened and 
the top thirty candidates selected 
on the basis of their backgrounds, 
references and essays on how 
they might use the seminar expe- 

"They were the most 
motivated, energetic, well-trained 
teachers I've ever met," said 
Daniel P. Jordan, professor of 
history and director of the semi- 

The two-week seminar was not 
just a course; it was an "experi- 
ence lived in the past," said 

Participants were housed in 
quarters on the grounds of Strat- 
ford Hall, the ancestral home of 
the Lees, and the plantation was 
used to involve the teachers in the 
life of Revolutionary Virginia. 
The program was especially 
meaningful for out-of-staters, 
such as Phyllis Clarke from Col- 
orado who said she had studied 
the colonial era but had never 
visited the major historic sites. 

Guest lecturers included such 
notables as Frederick E. Nolting, 
Jr., U.S. Ambassador to Vietnam 
from 1961-63, and Helen Hill 
Miller, author of George Mason, 
Gentleman Revolutionary. All 19 
speakers were experts in their 
respective fields, and topics cov- 
ered such diverse subjects as 
"Cookery, Gardening and Mill- 
ing" and "Leadership in Revolu- 
tionary America." Field trips were 
taken to Jamestown, Wil- 
liamsburg, and numerous other 

"^r— — »*«-«*«i*''* ij&i***i, "^ »'*^ 5^»i > 


ST!ka:^^, P^^A' 




-..1 »„'i^;/J^^Jj,.^^^ 






\ ^il;/f.> 

f f^ 


Throughout the two weeks em- 
phasis was placed on how the 
materials presented could be best 
applied to the actual teaching of 
history and government. "Not 
only did the participants motivate 
each other, but their enthusiasm 
motivated us," said Jordan. "We 
learned from them. They had not 
one or two but dozens of imagina- 
tive ways to teach each subject 
area covered." 

Virginia hospitality was in 
abundance. The participants were 
introduced to Stratford Hall's 
"Great House" their first night on 
the plantation. Each student was 
greeted at the main entrance of 
the home by directors of the Lee 
Association and taken back in 
time to the 18th century. The 
house was their entrance to that 
era as candles provided the light- 
ing, harpsicord music was being 
played, and staff members were 
dressed in period costumes. Stu- 
dents were escorted through the 
main rooms to a reception in the 
18th century gardens. 

The rest of their trip to the 
colonial period was not as enter- 
taining. The main purpose of the 
seminar was to provide a realistic 
approach to colonial life and 
leadership. The teachers (now 
students) watched Stratford's 18th 
century mill grind corn. They 
hoed weeds from the tobacco 
fields and harvested flax-fibers 
the Colonial way. "People tend to 
romanticize history, but if you 
spend a hot morning with a hoe 
you realize there was more to it," 
said Jordan. 

As the teachers left Stratford 
Hall, all had warm regards for 
Virginia and its history. And all 
made requests for similar sessions 
on other historical topics. 

"It's the best I've ever at- 
tended," was heard again and 
again as the teachers headed 
home, some from as far away as 
Texas and Maine. 

This unique trip back in time 
was made possible by grants from 
the William H., John G. and 
Emma Scott Foundation and the 
Windsor Foundation. 

A New Quarterly 

Alternative sources of financing 
came into being during the first 
quarter of 1981 because of a 
combination of high interest rates 
and a scarcity of mortgage funds, 
according to the first issue of 
Major Real Estate Markets, a quar- 
terly publication by the Virginia 
Real Estate Research Center at 

Apparently many home owners 
realized it was cheaper to remodel 
than to buy a new home. The 
quarterly states residential altera- 
tions and additions constituted a 
major part of housing construc- 
tion in many areas in Virginia. 
These include the cities of 
Richmond, Fairfax, Roanoke, 
Hopewell, Hampton, Norfolk and 

The quarterly is one of the first 
publications of the center, a re- 
cently created component of the 
Real Estate and Urban Land De- 
velopment Program in the School 
of Business. 

It reviews key sectors of the real 
estate market in each of the state's 
standard Metropolitan Statistical 
Areas — Lynchburg, Newport 
News-Hampton, Norfolk- 
Portsmouth, Petersburg-Colonial 
Heights, Richmond, Roanoke and 
Northern Virginia. 

The publication is distributed to 
members of the Virginia Associa- 
tion of Realtors, Home Builders 
Association of Virginia, Virginia 
Savings and Loan League, and to 
real estate appraisers and others 
associated with the real estate 

Pharmacy Building Named 

The School of Pharmacy's new 
7-story, $12 million building has 
been named for the late Dr. 
Robert Blackwell Smith, Jr., the 
fourth and last president of MCV. 

A native of Petersburg, Smith 
was a 1937 graduate of the School 
of Pharmacy. He was appointed 
to the pharmacy school faculty in 
1945, became the pharmacy 
school dean in 1947, assistant 
president of MCV in 1954, and in 

July 1956, succeeded the late Dr. 
William Thomas Sanger as presi- 

Smith was appointed provost of 
the MCV campus following the 
creation of VCU in 1968. He 
resigned the provost's post in 
1969 due to illness and returned 
to the pharmacology department 
where he served until his death in 
October 1971. 

Saksen Promoted 

Louis C. Saksen, the univer- 
sity's resident architect since 1975, 
has been named assistant vice- 
president for facilities manage- 
ment by the Board of Trustees. 

Saksen will continue to manage 
50 capital projects which total 
$200 million on both campuses 
and also assume management of 
the university's physical plant, 
including 400 million square feet 
and an annual operating budget 
of $15 million. 

Saksen, 34, holds a master of 
architecture degree from Virginia 
Polytechnic Institute and State 
University and a master of science 
degree in psychology from Old 
Dominion University. He holds 
an undergraduate degree in archi- 
tecture from Catholic University 
of America. 

A Marker 

Doctors can now save only 
about half of the victims of acute 
respiratory distress syndrome. 
The syndrome is a complication of 
most serious diseases and in- 
juries, and its victims drown 
because their lungs fill with fluid. 

The greatest hindrance in 
treating these patients, who are 
already in intensive care units as a 
result of trauma, massive infec- 
tion, drug overdose or other 
maladies, has been the lack of a 
method for measuring the effec- 
tiveness of therapy. 

A new test developed at MCV 
Hospitals has been used to mea- 
sure the leakage of plasma from 
lung capillaries into surrounding 
tissue and, thereby, test therapy 


effectiveness, according to Dr. 
Harvey J. Sugerman, assistant 
professor of surgery. 

Sugerman has been developing 
the test since 1978 in conjunction 
with Drs. James L. Tatum 
(medicine 1973), assistant profes- 
sor of radiology (nuclear 
medicine), and Jerry I. Hirsch, 
associate professor of pharmacy 
and radiology, and has demon- 
strated its feasibility in laboratory 

The new test has also been used 
successfully on all of 16 patients 
in an early clinical trial. The 
patient is given an injection of a 
protein substance which has been 
made mildly radioactive. This cir- 
culates in the blood, entering the 
heart and lungs. If the capillaries 
of the lungs are leaking sub- 
stances from the bloodstream, the 
radioactive protein leaks into the 
surrounding tissue. A camera re- 
cords the radioactivity present in 
the heart and lungs. If there is 
more radioactivity in the lungs 
than the heart, a leak is obvious. 
The amount and rate of leak can 
be determined by comparing the 
amount of radioactivity emanating 
from lung areas and comparing it 
with exposure from the heart, 
where there are no significant 

"This test gives us a marker to 
determine how much and how 
long capillaries are leaking ... It 
gives us a way to find the best 
therapeutic regimen including re- 
spirators and drugs," says 

Rapid Surgery Important 

Brain surgeons at MCV have 
found that deaths from severe 
head injuries can be reduced by 
more than half if victims have 
blood clots in the brain removed 
surgically within four hours of the 

In a report published in a recent 
issue of the Neiv England Journal of 
Medicine, surgeons reported on 
their experience with acute sub- 
dural hematomas — accumulations 
of blood and blood clots that form 

between the brain and its tough 
outer covering — treated in 82 pa- 
tients at MCV Hospitals between 
December 1972 and February 

The report of their research 
encompasses measurements of 
almost all variables that affect 
recovery from hematomas. These 
occur in about 25 percent of all 
serious brain injuries due to acci- 
dents. All 82 of the victims were 
unconscious when they arrived in 
the emergency room and were 
among 366 patients treated for 
serious brain injuries at the MCV 
Hospitals Head Injury Center in a 
7-year period. 

The surgeons at the MCV Hos- 
pitals reported an overall death 
rate of 57 percent for 82 patients 
who had subdural hematomas, 
but a death rate of only about 30 
percent for patients who were 
treated within four hours of in- 

"Rapid transport to a hospital 
that is capable of providing 
prompt diagnosis and surgery 
within four hours of the injury 
will substantially reduce deaths in 
patients with traumatic subdural 
hematomas," says Dr. John 
Seelig, one of the authors of the 

"Since acute subdural 
hematomas develop in approxi- 
mately 25 percent of patients who 
are acimitted while comatose from 
head injury, this information is 
critically important for rescue 
squads, emergency room physi- 
cians, and tertiary physicians who 
are directly involved in the trans- 
port, diagnosis, and treatment of 
these patients," says Dr. Donald 
P. Becker, chairman of 
neurosurgery and co-author of 
the report. 

A High Note 

Four out of five first place wins 
isn't bad, and VCU music stu- 
dents did just that by taking 

honors in voice, string, piano, 
and woodwind categories at the 
annual Virginia Music Teachers 
Association concerto competition. 

Steve Nelson won voice; 
Stephen Drake on cello won 
string; Brian Dyker on flute took 
woodwind; and Young-Bae Kim 
won piano. 

In another student competition, 
Allison Sniffin had the winning 
composition at the Virginia Music 
Educational Association Honors 
Choir Auditions. Sniffin wrote 
music for The Lovers' Doxology, a 
poem written by James Branch 

The composition will be used as 
an audition piece for high school 
students trying out for the VMEA 
Honors Choir this fall. 

A New College 

The name of the School of Arts 
and Sciences has been formally 
changed by action of the VCU 
Board of Visitors to the College of 
Humanities and Sciences. Also 
approved was the mass com- 
munications department becom- 
ing the School of Mass Communi- 
cations under the new college's 
administrative umbrella. 

Musick Joins VCU 

Anthony Musick has been ap- 
pointed budget director at VCU. 

Musick, a certified public ac- 
countant, had been with the U.S. 
General Accounting Office in 
Washington, D.C., for the past six 
years. His previous business ex- 
perience includes work with Ernst 
and Ernst in Richmond and with 
Boise Cascade in Springfield, Vir- 

He replaces Jeffrey S. Cribbs 
who was recently promoted to 
assistant vice-president for plan- 
ning and budget at VCU. 

A veteran of the United States 
Marine Corps, Musick received 
his B.S. degree in accounting 
from the University of Maryland, 
and the MBA from George 
Washington University. 


Children Helping Children 

The theme of the Second An- 
nual "Trot for Tots" of the MCV 
Hospitals Auxiliary is children 
helping children. The event will 
raise money to purchase recrea- 
tional equipment for the pediat- 
rics unit of the new hospital. The 
event is scheduled for 2 p.m., 
October 18, 1981, at the Boat Lake 
in Byrd Park, Richmond. 

Participants can run distances 
of up to three miles in increments 
of one-half mile and they are 
asked to secure pledges from 
friends and neighbors for each 
half-mile completed. 

Last year approximately 150 
youngsters took part in "Trot for 
Tots" and raised almost $2,000. 

Co-sponsors for the event are 
the Bank of Virginia and WRNL 

Radio. Registration is $4.00 and 
forms are available at all Bank of 
Virginia offices and the Volunteer 
Services Office in West Hospital. 

For more information please call 
volunteer services at 786-0923. 

Rector Named 

Douglas H. Ludeman, presi- 
dent of United Virginia Bank, was 
elected by the Board of Visitors to 
serve as its rector. The board also 
elected other officers and its 
executive committee. 

Ludeman, who was appointed 
to the 16-member VCU Board of 
Visitors by Gov. John N. Dalton 
in 1979, has been associated with 
United Virginia Bank since 1965 
and became its president in 1978. 
He succeeds as rector Mrs. David 
E. Satterfield, who has retired 

from the VCU Board after serving 
on it seven years and one year as 

Elected as vice rector is Daniel 
T. Balfour, an attorney with the 
law firm of Maloney Yeatts Bal- 
four Barr & Repp who was 
appointed to the Board in 1979. 
Dr. Harold L Nemuth (medicine 
1939) was elected secretary. 

Other members of the 7- 
member executive committee in- 
clude Dr. Sigsby W. Gayle 
(medicine 1965), Mrs. Charles G. 
Thalhimer, Mrs. FitzGerald Be- 
miss (B.S. sociology and an- 
thropology 1978), and Robert J. 
Grey, director of community rela- 
tions for the A. H. Robins Co. 

Two new members to the Board 
were recently appointed by Gov- 
ernor John N. Dalton. They are 
Mr. W. Roy Smith (pharmacy 
1941) and Mrs. Anne M. Whitte- 

A Foreign Exchange 

President Edmund F. Ackell of 
VCU and Rector Ernani Bayer of 
Federal University of Santa 
Catarina signed an agreement for 
the exchange of students and 
faculty of VCU and a Brazilian 
state. This replaces an earlier pact 
which covered only VCU's medi- 
cal campus. Both campuses will 
be included under terms of the 
new agreement which was ar- 
ranged through the Virginia/ 
Santa Catarina Partners of the 
American program. Partners ar- 
ranged the previous agreement 
for medical personnel exchange, 
as well as compacts linking other 
Virginia universities with Santa 
Catarina. The exchanges have 
involved medicine, linguistics, 
engineering, sociology, audio- 
visual, education and sports. 

Also present from Santa 
Caterina were the university's 
first rector. Professor Ferreria 
Lima, now its rector emeritus; Dr. 
Antero Nercoline, secretary of 
education for the state; and Rector 
Lauro Zimmer of the State Uni- 
versity of Santa Catarina. 


A New Director at 
Anderson Gallery 

Marilyn A. Zeitlin, director of 
the Freedman Gallery at Albright 
College of Reading, Pennsylvania, 
since 1978, has been appointed 
director of the Anderson Gallery. 
She has taught art history at 
Cornell University, been an assis- 
tant professor of art history at 
Bucknell University of Lewisburg, 
Pennsylvania, and director of the 
Center Gallery there, and served 
as an assistant professor of art 
history at Albright while directing 
the Freedman Gallery. 

The new director of the VCU 
gallery studied at Mount Holyoke 
College and Vanderbilt University 
before earning degrees of bachelor 
of arts in humanities and master 
of arts in teaching of English from 
Harvard University. 

A French Connection 

Marie-Pierre Hitter, from the 
Librarian School of the Catholic 
Institute, Paris, France, was an 
intern at the VCU libraries this 

Hitter, who had been to 
Richmond twice before because of 
close friends in the city, wrote to 
the library requesting a one- 
month practicum. 

"I was surprised," said Hitter, 
"at the amount of automation in 
your library. In France it is rare. A 
professor would have to pay for a 
literature search, but all is pro- 
vided here as service." 

Hitter worked throughout the 
VCU library system; this included 
working in reference, central 
processing, and special collec- 

"I have tried to observe and 
help," said Hitter. "Specific goals 
were set up for me by the 
library — things I should know 
before I leave, including working 
in all the major departments. 

"Your library has so many new 
things that are not available in 
France that I will know about and 
help me to help a university 
library there," said Hitter. "But 

what is most amazing is how 
comfortable you make students. 
In France we have hard chairs." 

Two New Faces 

A new dean is named and a 
new position in the administra- 
tion created by decisions of the 
Board of Visitors. 

The new dean of the School of 
Nursing is Dr. ]oan F. Brownie, 
assistant professor and primary 
care project director of the School 
of Nursing at the Buffalo campus 
of the State University of New 

Brownie succeeds Dr. Doris B. 
Yingling, dean of the school since 
1958, who has been named Dean 
Emeritus and university professor 
of Nursing. 

Thomas A. Pi/le 

Creating a new position, execu- 
tive director of university ad- 
vancement, the board named 
Thomas A. Pyle of West Hartford, 
Connecticut, to direct develop- 
ment, alumni activities, and pub- 
lic relations offices. He was a 
management consultant with 
Ahrens, Davis and Associates, 
Inc., of Avon, Connecticut. 

Pyle, who served as vice presi- 
dent for resources at the Univer- 
sity of Hartford, Connecticut, 
1970-79, holds a master's degree 

in public relations awarded by 
Boston University in 1959, and an 
undergraduate degree in labor 
management conferred by the 
Pennsylvania State University in 

Pyle directed the regional 
alumni organization of Columbia 
University from 1966 to 1970, 
raising $169 million for a capital 
campaign during the period. Ear- 
lier he directed various capital 
campaigns for the Illinois Institute 
of Technology, Bowdoin College, 
Princeton University and Boston 

Ralph M. Ware, Jr., former 
director of development, has been 
named assistant to the president 
for legislative relations. 

By Popular Demand 

The State Division of Motor 
Vehicles has special license plates 
for VCU alumni, faculty and 

According to Mr. James E. Carr, 
general manager at DMV, the 
VCU series is selling so well that 
another series has been added. 
Plates are available now VCU 1 
through VCU 999 and 1 VCU 
through 999 VCU. 

Personalized license plate appli- 
cation forms are needed for these 
specialized plates and are avail- 
able at all DMV offices. For more 
information contact your local 
DMV office. 


A $2.6 million grant has been 
awarded to VCU by the National 
Institutes of Health to continue its 
liver disease research program at 

The program which began in 
1976 is multidisciplinary and 
combines the efforts of basic 
scientists in the departments of 
pharmacology and biochemistry 
with clinicians in the departments 
of internal medicine and surgery 
in studies of the causes of liver 


Dr. Leo J. Dunn, professor and 
chairman, Department of 
Obstetrics /Gynecology, has been 
elected president of the Council 
on Resident Education in 
Obstetrics /Gynecology (CREOG). 
CREOG is a multiorganizational 
council established to improve 
resident education in obstetrics/ 
gynecology in the United States. 
He has also been elected presi- 
dent of the Virginia Obstetrical 
and Gynecological Society. 

Fulbright awards under the 
Mutual Educational and Cultural 
Exchange Program were recently 
awarded to four faculty members. 

Dr. Robert A. Armour, profes- 
sor of English, was awarded a 
Fulbright Senior Lectureship to 
teach in Egypt. He is spending 
this academic year at Cairo Uni- 
versity, where he is teaching 
American literature. 

Dr. Paul F. Dvorak, assistant 
professor of German, was chosen 
to participate in seminars on 
changes in German culture. 

Dr. Richard A. Fine, assistant 
professor of English, was 
awarded a Fulbright Junior Lec- 
tureship to teach American litera- 
ture for the academic year at the 
University of Caen in France. 

Dr. James O. Hodges, associate 
professor of education, received a 
Fulbright Mutual Exchange Pro- 
gram award to participate in a 
six- week seminar in India. The 
seminar is designed to increase 
mutual understanding between 
the United States and other coun- 
tries and to broaden participant's 
perceptions of other cultures and 
their own. 

Dr. Rosemary A. Lamble, assis- 
tant professor of education, has 
been appointed a member of the 
Virginia Department of Educa- 
tion's Task Force on Planning for 
Special Education In-Service Edu- 

Dr. Richards. Luck (M.S. 
rehabilitation counseling 1968), 
director of the Regional Rehabili- 
tation Continuing Education Pro- 
gram of the VCU rehabilitation 
department, received the Re- 
habilitation Manpower Award of 
the Mid- Atlantic Region of the 

National Rehabilitation Associa- 

The award was presented to 
Luck for his "significant contribu- 
tions in the professional prepara- 
tion and upgrading of rehabilita- 
tion manpower." 

Dr. Alan M. McLeod, associate 
professor of education, was re- 
elected to a four-year term as 
editor of the Virginia English Bul- 
letin published by the Virginia 
Association of Teachers of En- 

Dr. Jude C. Pennington, assis- 
tant professor of physical educa- 
tion, has been elected secretary of 
the college section of the Virginia 
Association for Health, Physical 
Education, Recreation and Dance. 

Dr. John B. Sperry, professor 
and chairman of the Department 
of Accounting, has been ap- 
pointed by Governor Dalton to a 
five-year term on the State Board 
of Accountancy. 

Two graduate students in biol- 
ogy were cited for their research 
papers which were submitted at 
the 59th Annual Meeting of the 
Virginia Academy of Science. 

Gene Bryson received third 
place honors for his paper "The 
Effects of Gold-Thio Glucose on 
the Mouse Pancrease." Mark 
Griffis won an honorable mention 
for his paper "Glucose Induced 
Insulin Secretion from Isolated 
Hamster Islets." 

Happened To. 

A Lazy Genius 

"Advances are not through 
genius, but laziness," says Dr. 
Charles T. Barker (dentistry 1947) 
of New Bern, North Carolina. 
And Barker should know. He has 
revolutionalized the practice of 
dentistry, all because he wanted 
to sit down. 

When Barker was attending 
MCV's School of Dentistry he got 
in trouble on his second day 
because he wanted to sit down. 
Barker says, 'Tt was awful. The 
dentist always stood on his right 
foot with his left foot dangling. I 
decided there must be a better 

What Barker decided was that 
the patient should lay down and 
the dentist sit next to the patient's 
chair. Yet nothing is new 
"under-the-sun," according to 
Barker who after researching the 
idea of having a patient lying 
down found a dental book which 
advocated the practice in 1870. 

"I wanted to get rid of the Dr. 
Frankenstein torture chamber," 
says Barker. "This big machine 
hung over the patient, like a gas 
pump, a cuspidor was gurgling 
nearby and patients were nerv- 
ous. It was especially intimidating 
for children." 

To change all this, over 25 years 
ago Barker began designing func- 
tional dental equipment. His first 
change was to recognize the 
benefits of soft music and he was 
the first to redesign the cast iron 
chair into a lounge type seat. He 
received a patent on these "Den- 
talounges" in 1962 and Pelton and 
Crane of Charlotte, North 
Carolina, began manufacturing 

"Dr. Charlie," as he is often 
called, continued to study the 
dental operatory layout and con- 
cluded that, "If you put the 
patient's head in a position right 
over your lap, then you can 
arrange all the machinery right 
behind the chair, out of sight yet 
within easy reach." 

The "Executive Console," now 
a fixture in most dental offices, 
first utilized this concept. The 
console was introduced at a 1968 
Chicago equipment sale as the 
equipment of the future. 

The console, which is eight feet 
wide, contains all of the equip- 
ment used by the dentist except 
the x-ray. All the drills, hoses, 
tools and trays are behind folding 


The unit permits the patient to 
be in a reclining position and 
allows both the dentist and the 
assistant to work from a sitting 

Dr. Charlie is probably better 
known in Europe than in the 
United States because his ideas 
have been featured in German 
textbooks, and in 1980 his equip- 
ment was installed in the prestig- 
ious Science Museum in London 
as part of a display which traced 
the evolution of dentistry from 
Edwardian days to the present. 

One of his proudest projects is 
a mobile dental health unit he 
designed in 1966. It travels from 
school to school taking dental care 
to children from low-income 
families. Health officials from all 
over the world have visited New 
Bern to inspect the unit. 

Barker also led a successful 
campaign, against considerable 
opposition, several years ago to 
have fluoride added to his com- 
munity's water supply. In 1969 he 
was chosen as the outstanding 
dentist in North Carolina. 

More recently Barker has been 
elected to a second term as a 
consultant on the Commission on 
Practice of the World Dental 
Foundation. He also recently 
completed a term as a member of 
the North Carolina State Board of 
Health and has received a fellow- 
ship in the Academy of General 
Dentistry and is a fellow in the 
Royal Society of Health of Eng- 

Even though Barker keeps busy 
with his inventions he also hand- 
les a private dental practice and at 
61 says he has "no plans to 

His biggest joy though, ac- 
cording to Barker, "was watching 
a youngster come into the dental 
office, look around, and ask if I 
lived there. It's nice to know 
children can think of this as a 
living room and not Franken- 
stein's torture chamber." 


Carmen Fisher Voetsch (B.F.A. 
sculpture) retired as of September 
1980, after 16 years at the Inter- 
American Development Bank, 
Bethesda, Maryland. At the time of 
retirement, she was chief of the Design 
Group of the Graphics Section. 


Jean H. Thomas (B.S. nursing) is 
now postmaster at Drewryvilie, Vir- 
ginia. Mrs. Thomas states that she likes 
working with people, whether it be in 
nursing or the postal service. 


Marjorie Berryman Adams (St. 
Philip nursing) is retired from the Bal- 
timore City Health Department, 
Bureau of School Health Services. She 
retired early following surgery, but is 
"now feeling quite weU." 


R. David Anderson (B.S. pharmacy) 
director of pharmacy services at 
Waynesboro Community Hospital, 
Waynesboro, Virginia, was named to 
the 20-member Advisory Panel on 
Awards of the American Society of 
Hospital Pharmacists Research and 
Education Foundation. 

Hampton Hubbard (medicine) was 
elected national secretary for the Pri- 
vate Doctors of America Inc., a grass 
roots organization with over 40,000 
voting members dedicated to the idea 
of private practice. He is also an active 
member of the AMA; AUA; Southeast- 
ern Section, AUA; PDA (national secre- 
tary); American Association of Clinical 
Urologists; North Carolina State Medi- 
cal Society; Sampson County, North 
Carolina, Medical Society (past presi- 
dent); affiliate of the Royal Society of 
Medicine, London; and a fellow of the 
American College of Surgeons. 


Guy J. Barrow (medicine) is a physi- 
cian at Johnston Memorial Clinic, 
Abingdon, Virginia. He writes, "I am 
sHll doing internal medicine and gas- 
troenterology and am a member of 
ACP and VSIM. His daughter Susan 
Barrow Epling graduated from MCV in 
May 1981 and will continue her training 

in radiology at the University of Ken- 
tucky, Lexington. 

Herbert L. Schwartz (dentistry) rep- 
resented VCU at the inauguration of 
President John H. Marburger III at the 
State University of New York at Stony 
Brook on May 1, 1981. 


Marilyn Birtles Bevilaqua (B.F.A. 
art) was selected to be a judge at the 
Popular Lawn Art Festival in 
Petersburg. She is an art instructor at 
the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in 

Jean Weinstein Oppenheimer (B.S. 
distributive education) completed a 
computer training program at The First 
National Bank of Atlanta qualifying her 
to be a junior programmer in the bank's 
data services division. 


George A. Bowles, Jr. (B.S. busi- 
ness) has been actively writing and 
editing news of Virginia politics for 
over ten years. His column on politics, 
"Richmond Correspondent," appears 
in 27 newspapers across Virginia, and 
he is heard daily on 50 Virginia radio 
stations. These stations carry the Vir- 
ginia Network, a radio subscription 
service which features political news 
and his, "Pages from the Virginia 
Story," vignettes on little known facets 
of the state's history. 

Judith Whitney Godwin (B.F.A. art) 
displayed her paintings in the 
Richmond Womensbank. She is a 
crusader for environmental causes and 
her paintings reflect this commitment. 


Richard N. Carlyon (B.F.A. paint- 
ing, M.F.A. painting 1963) recently 
presented an illustrated lecture on crea- 
tive, constructive, and humorous uses 
of art from the past to the present. The 
lecture was given at the Petersburg 
Area Art Leagues gourmet dinner. 


Gerald W. Roller (medicine) spoke 
on "Wholistic Medicine: What is in it 
for the Patient and the Doctor" at Dab- 
ney S. Lancaster Community College, 
Clifton Forge, Virginia. 



S. Jean Moye Shepard (B.S. nursing) 
and her husband, Glenn, were selected 
as members of The Virginia Medical 
Leaders Delegation to The People's 
Republic of China, Hong Kong and 

Susan G. Rudolph (M.S. medical 
biochemistry) recently received a doc- 
tor of philosophy degree from Ball 
State University, Muncie, Indiana. 


Class Rings 

Even if you failed to buy a class ring 
as a student, you can now order 
one. Rings for both men and women 
are available in a wide variety of 
styles. For more information and a 
price list, write for a ring order kit 
and please, specify whether the ring 
is for a man or a woman. 

For a ring order kit-price list, please 
write: Alumni Activities Office, 
Virginia Commonwealth Univer- 
sity, Richmond, Virginia 23284. 


William P. Edwards, Jr. (B.M. 
music) has been selected to participate 
in the Summer Seminars for College 
Teachers, which is sponsored by the 
National Endowment for the 
Humanities. The seminar will be held 
at Harvard University and will focus on 
the symphonies of Beethoven. Ed- 
wards received a Ph.D. in music from 
Indiana University and is chairman of 
the music department at Boward 
Community College, Ft. Lauderdale, 

J. Hunter Talbott (B.S. physical edu- 
cation) has opened a progressive gym- 
nastics camp with the Staunton- 
Augusta Family YMCA for boys and 
girls between the ages of 5 and 14. 

Hilda M. Friedlander (B.S. psychol- 
ogy, M.S. rehabilitation counseling 
1967, M.S. clinical psychology 1967) 
was a guest speaker at a meeting of the 
Southside Association for Children 
with Learning Disabilities. Mrs. Freid- 
lander is working toward a doctorate 
degree in counseling education at the 
University of Virginia. 


Jerry Fox Law (B.F.A. interior de- 
sign) recently completed the interior of 
the renovated Hermitage Hotel in 
Nashville. She strove to "recreate the 
original elegance and sophistication" 
of the historic hotel. 

Barry F. Scher (B.S. advertising) has 
been named president of the 
Montgomery County, Maryland 
Chamber of Commerce, one of the 
largest chambers in the state. Scher has 
been with Giant Food, Inc. for 15 years 
and presently serves as director of cor- 
porate public affairs. 


Judith Allen Shelly (B.S. nursing) 
was a speaker at Nursing East, a con- 
tinuing education program sponsored 
by the Pennsylvania Nurses Associa- 
tion. She has also completed another 
book. Dilemma: A Nurse's Guide for 
Making Ethical Decisions, which was 
published by Intervarsity Press in 

Sue Rasberry Slack (A.S. distribu- 
tion) is an administrative assistant for 
the Randolph County Senior Adults 
Association in Asheboro, North 


Richard E. Brown (B.S. recreational 
leadership) is minister of music/ 
education of the Elmwood Baptist 
Church, Fort Worth, Texas, and 
supervisor-trainee of the purchasing 
department, Harris Hospital- 
Methodist in Fort Worth, Texas. 

Marion Vieritz Gillings (B.S. history 
and social science education) is media 
coordinator for the education depart- 
ment at Winter Haven Hospital, Winter 
Haven, Florida. 

Charles P. Lucy (B.S. general busi- 
ness), president of Brunswick Box 
Company Inc., Lawrenceville, Vir- 
ginia, was elected a 1981 vice-president 
of the National Wooden and Pallet and 
Container Association. 

Frances L. Rex (B.F.A. crafts) had an 
exhibit of her art and craft work at the 
Lancaster County Public Library. 


Carole Von Kamp Ewart (M.S. clini- 
cal psychology) has been named direc- 
tor of training at the Virginia Depart- 
ment of Mental Health and Mental Re- 
tardation. She will assess human re- 
source development and manage the 
development, design and delivery of 
management and supervisory training 
for approximately 11,000 employees as 
well as supervise and coordinate con- 
tractual agreements for continuing pro- 
fessional education programs and will 
work toward strengthening para- 
professional training programs in the 
16 mental health and retardation 
facilities operated by the department. 


Aubrey B. Connelly III (B.S. psy- 
chology) is employed as a supervising 
computer systems analyst in charge of 
MIS by the Troop Support Agency, 
Fort Lee, Virginia. 

Joseph E. Lyman, Sr. (B.S. music 
education, M.M.E. music education 
1973) is band director of Dinwiddle 
County Junior High School and a 
member of the Virginia Flute Quartet. 
He was formerly bandmaster for the 
80th Division Band of the United States 
Army Reserve. 

Carol Jensen Tumage (B.F.A. art 
education) has opened Carol Jensen 
Pottery, Yorktown, Virginia, and is 
co-manager for Yorktown's arts center, 
On-the-Hill. She is very successful 
after changing her career from art edu- 
cation to pottery. 



Lynda Hall McGarry (B.S. business 
education) spoke about records man- 
agement concepts at a seminar offered 
by the Ricfimond chapter of the Asso- 
ciation of Records Managers and Ad- 

Trudy Tappan Rosenthal (B.S. 
nursing, M.S. nursing 1981) is the di- 
rector of nursing education at Henrico 
Doctors Hospital. 


DavidR. Bott(B.A. history) has been 
promoted to manager of Dayton opera- 
tions of Needham, Harper and Steers 
Advertising, Inc. 

Doris G. Fultz (B.S. biology) was 
awarded the Doctor of Veterinary 
Medicine degree from Tuskegee Insti- 
tute in Alabama. 

Paul V. Hamilton (B.S. law en- 
forcement) received a law degree from 
T.C. Williams Law School. He is prac- 
ticing law in Colonial Heights, Vir- 

Gabrielle Suberg Hayes (B.S. ele- 
mentary education, M.Ed, elementary 
education, 1974) has written a chil- 
dren's book. Guess What? It is written 
in riddle form and explores a trip to 
the zoo. Readers are asked questions 
about the animals at the zoo and an- 
swers are provided by turning the 
page. Hayes plans to sell the book on 
her own. 

Lenton T. Slack (B.F.A. interior de- 
sign) is an instructor of interior design 
at Randolph Technical College, Ashe- 
boro. North Carolina. 

Phyllis Cothran Wilson (B.S. ac- 
counting) has been named vice- 
president of finance for Blue Cross and 
Blue Shield of Virginia. She has been 
associated with the firm since 1972 and 
has held the positions of controller, 
senior accountant, financial systems 
coordinator, assistant to the vice presi- 
dent of finance and manager of finan- 
cial planning and management. 


James "Jimm/' K. Harman (B.S. 
business administration) has opened 
his own business, Jimmy's Chicken 
and Ribs in Roanoke. The restaurant 
specializes in hickory-smoked ribs and 
chicken, along with hot dogs and ham- 
burgers. Harman says the "old Ma and 
Pa operations are not dead," and his 
major objective in business is to sell 

what no one else has and to make sure 
the quality is superb. 

Paul R. Munson (M.F.A. sculpture) 
recently won a sculpture competition 
to build a temporary black locust work 
in the Lee Park, Charlottesville, Vir- 
ginia. Munson is also involved in an 
exhibition that will tour locations 
throughout Appalachia with his entry 

Timothy M. O'Kane (B.F.A. paint- 
ing and printmaking) recently opened 
his gallery to the Charlottesville-area 
Open Studio Tour. 

H. Dale Proctor (B.S. history and 
social studies education) has become 
the pastor of Piney Grove Baptist 
Church near Renan, Virginia. 

Fordyce C. Stone, Jr. (B.S. elemen- 
tary education, M.Ed, elementary edu- 
cation 1975), principal at King George 
Elementary School for the past two 
years, was named assistant superin- 
tendent of the King George school sys- 

Randy L. Strawderman (B.F.A. 
dramatic art and speech) choreog- 
raphed a new dance series to the music 
from All That Jazz for the Thelma Olaker 
Ballet Company at Richard Bland Col- 
lege. Strawderman then returned to 
New York City to direct and choreog- 
raph his musical Red, Hot and Cole, 
based on the life of Cole Porter, due to 
open on Broadway in October. 


Sandra Hedayatnia Holland (B.S. 
journalism) has been named to the 
3983 11982 Marquis Who's Who of Ameri- 
can Women for achievement in jour- 
nahsm. She was also a winner in the 
1981 Freedom's Foundation patriotic 
essay contest for military personnel. A 
free-lance journalist in San Antonio, 
Texas, she has recently been on active 
duty in the Army Reserve to write for a 
military newspaper. 

Betty S. Lewis (A. A. administration 
of justice and public safety) has been 
appointed director of staff training at 
Powhatan Correctional Center, State 
Farm, Virginia. 

Larry E. Verbit (B.F.A. dramatic art 
and speech) has been named the man- 
ager of the North Shore Music Theatre 
in Beverly, Massachusetts. He will be 
responsible for administration of the 
theatre and the entertainment features 
offered in addition to the perform- 


Marilyn Church Brulon (B.F.A. 
painting and printmaking) has her own 
business. Bygones, which specializes 
in period clothing and antiques. As a 
part of the advertising for the shop, she 
designed the windows of the Village 
Restaurant in Richmond. Her fun win- 
dows attracted the attention of 
passersby and of the local newspapers. 
In one display a swooning Victorian 
lady was drapped over a blood-red 
divan, lace handkerchief in hand, and a 
Western Union telegram which reads: 
"Reagan Administration Halts Funds 
for Historic Preservation." 

John M. Floyd (MM. music) re- 
ceived the Doctor of Musical Arts de- 
gree in percussion performance and 
literature and the Performer's 
Certificate in Percussion from the 
Eastman School of Music, University of 
Rochester, New York. He is the first 
percussionist to receive the D.M.A. in 
percussion and literature from 
Eastman. Floyd returned to Virginia 
Tech as director of percussion studies 
and to the Roanoke Symphony as prin- 
cipal timpanist and principal percus- 

Daniel W. McCall (M.S. rehabilita- 
tion counseling) represnted VCU at the 
inauguration of President David L. Jes- 
ter at Wayland Baptist University, 
Plainview, Texas. 

H. Paige Manuel (B.S. marketing) 
has been named officer-in-charge of 
Bank of Virginia's Winchester offices 
and also promoted to assistant vice- 
president at the bank. 

T. Carter Melton, Jr. (M.H.A.), ad- 
ministrator of Rockingham Memorial 
Hospital, has been cited by the Ameri- 
can College of Hospital Administrators 
for meritorious performance as a young 
hospital administrator. Melton was one 
of five hospital administrators chosen 
for honorable mention during the 
nationwide competition sponsored by 
the American College of Hospital Ad- 

Grafton E. Skaggs (M.S. rehabilita- 
tion counseling, M.Ed, counselor edu- 
cation 1976, M.S. administration of jus- 
tice 1977) has received his eighth mas- 
ters degree, this one in political science 
from Memphis State University. 

Peter H. Ware (B.M. music, theory 
and composition), whose "Tsankawi" 
was presented by the Richmond Com- 
munity Orchestra, is now teaching at 
Cincinnati Conservatory of Music and 
also studying for his doctorate in the 
composition of music. 



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Alumni Records Officer 
Virginia Commonwealth University 
Richmond, Virginia 23284 
Telephone: (804) 257-1228 

Important Note: If this magazine 
is addressed to an alumnus who 
no longer lives at the address printed 
on the address label, please advise 
us so that we can correct our records. 
If you know the person's correct 
address, we would appreciate that 
information. Also, if a husband and 
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Nancy R. Aycock (Ph.D. anatomy) 
received a degree in medicine from The 
Medical College of Pennsylvania. 

Ann Sutton Buford (B.S. business 
administration) has been promoted by 
Westvaco, Virginia Folding Box Divi- 
sion, to supervisor of customer ser- 

Nancy J. Cobb (B.S. social welfare) is 
actively involved with her family's 
Cobb's Marina located at Norfolk, Vir- 

Virginia Farrar Diggs (M.Ed, 
elementary education) earned a docto- 
rate in reading, curriculum and instruc- 
tion from the University of Cincinnati. 

Barbara B. Fernandez (B.S. elemen- 
tary education, M.S. rehabilitation 
counseling 1978) has been named di- 
rector of public relations for Westbrook 
Hospital, a private psychiatric hospital 
in Richmond. 

James William Gossip (B.S. 
economics) has been elected as an 
officer of Home Federal Savings and 
Loan Association of Norfolk. He is 
branch manager of the Great Bridge 
office and serves as assistant secretary 
and mortgage loan officer. He, his wife, 
Judy, and son, Jimmy, live in Virginia 

Michael R. Greaser (M.S. rehabilita- 
tion counseling) has been promoted to 
director of the Roanoke office of Craw- 
ford Rehabilitation Services, Inc. 

M. Wayne Hundley (B.F.A. com- 
munication arts and design) has ac- 
cepted a position on the Board of Direc- 
tors for the Richmond Society of Com- 
municating Arts. The group seeks to 
promote communication between the 
Richmond art community and other 
metropolitan artists and groups in the 

Larry M. Powell (B.S. social welfare) 
has accepted a position as consultant to 
the Juvenile Correctional Center in 
Rockville, Indiana. He and his wife, 
Lana, and daughter, Tracy, will make 
their home in Terre Haute, Indiana. 

L. Faison Price (B.S. business ad- 
ministration) has joined A.H. Robins 
Company, Richmond-based pharma- 
ceutical firm, as a consumer products 
specialist. He has been assigned to the 
company's Southern Region and will 
be working in the Greensboro, North 
Carolina area. 

Sui Wah Woo (B.A. history) spoke 
on microfilm quality control at a semi- 
nar offered by the Richmond chapter of 
the Association of Records Managers 
and Administrators. 


Thornton D. Cline's (B.M.E.) latest 
publication, "When You Enter the 
House of the Lord" has been released 
by Music 70. Cline is also working on 
his Ph.D. in music education at 
Eastman School of Music in Rochester, 
New York. 

Terry L. Geyer (B.S. recreation) has 
been named social program director at 
Taylor Manor Hospital, EUicott City, 

Steven Hennessee (B.S. mass com- 
munications) has been promoted to 
supervisor of the china, silver and crys- 
tal department of Thalhimers, Col- 
iseum Mall, Hampton, Virginia. Hen- 
nessee's association with Thalhimers 
began in 1977 as salesman and in 1981 
he was promoted to assistant super- 
visor of the men's department. 

Gary L. Whistleman (B.S. history 
education) has earned special recogni- 
tion as a top sales person with Ryder 
Truck Rental. He was inducted into the 
Ryder Roundtable, the company's 
prestigious group of professional sales 
persons. To earn membership, each 
inductee produced a revenue in excess 
of $1.5 million and a minimum of ten 
new accounts within three years. 

Lorita Berryman Wood (M. H. A. ) has 
been promoted to associate adminis- 
trator of General Hospital of Virginia 
Beach. As associate administrator she 
will assume the duties of the adminis- 
trator in his absence and advise him in 
the operation of the hospital. 


M. Bruce Barr (B.S. business man- 
agement) provided a seminar section 
on record retention practices for the 
Richmond chapter of the Association of 
Records Managers and Adminis- 

Cheryl Miller Davis (M.S. 
mathematics) has been promoted to 
system consultant in the Data Proc- 
essing Department of Best Products 
Company Inc., Ashland, Virginia. 

Gregory G. Gay (B.S. science, den- 
tistry 1981) graduated from the MCV 
School of Dentistry and is presently 
setting up practice in Chesterfield 

Arthur Ryland Jennings III (B.S. 
health and physical education) is the 
new recreation director for King 
George County. He is a member of the 


U.S. Tennis Professionals Association 
and has nine years experience as a 
professional instructor. 

Kay F. Smith (B.A. history) works 
for Sonoco Products Company, At- 
lanta, Georgia. She is in charge of 
payroll and accounting for the Atlanta 
branch and satellite plants in the 
southeastern region of the U.S. 

Dawn Saunders Sneeringer (B.S. 
chemistry) is a graduate student at the 
University of Virginia where she is pur- 
suing a master's of chemical engineer- 


John B. Breeden (B.A. history) spoke 
on the advantages and disadvantages 
of using a service bureau and the fun- 
damentals of micrographics at a semi- 
nar presented by the Richmond chap- 
ter of the Association of Records Mana- 
gers and Administrators. 

Patricia Stewart Elsea (B.S. recrea- 
tion) is employed as a museum admin- 
istrator with the Fairfax County Park 
Authority. She helps with the school 
education program and with events 
development for a unique 19th century 
grist mill setting. 

C. Neal Goldsborough (MA. 
English/ English education) has been 
ordained to the Sacred Order of 
Deacons in the Episcopal Church. His 
Master of Divinity degree was confer- 
red at Virginia Theological Seminary at 
Alexandria, Virginia, in May 1981. Rev. 
Goldsborough is presently serving 
Immanuel Church in Old Church, Vir- 
ginia, and St. David's in Aylett, Vir- 

Paul C. Meyers (B.A. political sci- 
ence) recently received a master of di- 
vinity degree from The Southern Bap- 
tist Theological Seminary, Louisville, 

E. Douglas Pratt (M.S.W.) has re- 
signed his position as assistant profes- 
sor of social work at Jacksonville State 
University, where he has been coor- 
dinator of the social work program 
since 1978. He will begin doctoral 
studies at the school of social work, The 
University of Alabama (Tuscaloosa) 
this fall. 

Mark F. Suter (B.S. business admin- 
istrahon and management) has been 
named packaging services manager for 
Philip Morris U.S.A., Richmond. 

Patricia Harper Williamson (M.Ed, 
counselor education) has accepted the 
big sisters caseworker position with the 
Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Danville 
Area Inc. 

James B. Winegar (medicine) has 
completed his residency in family prac- 
tice with Lynchburg Family Practice 
Residency Program and is beginning 
private practice in Duffield, Virginia. 

Jane T. Woodworth (B.F. A. painting 
and printmaking) won the best in show 
award for her pastel entry "Wildflow- 
ers No. 1" at the Fredericksburg exhibit 
sponsored by the Woman's Club of 
Fredericksburg and the Fredericksburg 
Parks and Recreation Department. 

Nancy Keith Christian (M.Ed, ad- 
ministration and supervision) has been 
appointed executive director of the 
Virginia Vocational Association after 
having taught vocational home 
economics for 16 years in the Hanover 
County Public Schools. She was a pub- 
lic relations specialist with the voca- 
tional education curriculum center. 
School of Education, VCU for the past 
two years. 

Bettye Bradner Crocker (M.S.W.) 
has been elected president of the Vir- 
ginia Council on Social Welfare. She is 
the director of the Department of Social 
Services in Fluvanna County. 

Andrew L. Fracher (B.F. A. theatre) 
has been awarded a masters of fine arts 
degree from Western Illinois Univer- 
sity at Macomb. He played one of the 
leading roles in the summer historical 
drama "The Legend of Daniel Boone" 
in Harrodsburg, Kentucky. 

Janet R. Rasmussen (B.F. A. com- 
munication arts and design) is cur- 
rently serving as a volunteer to the 
Staunton Fine Arts Association. The 
Association recently had an exhibition 
of graphic design in which she was 
actively involved. 

Delores B. Bell (B.S. information 
systems) has earned a Certified Data 
Processor (CDP) designation and is 
now supervisor of the Accounts Pay- 
able Group within the data processing 
section at Best Products Company Inc. , 
Ashland, Virginia. 

Clyde S. Burgess (B.S. administra- 
tion of justice and public safety) was 
appointed coordinator of special pro- 
grams at the Richmond Regional 
Criminal Justice Training Center lo- 

cated at the University of Richmond. 
The center serves nine member juris- 

Christina Jackowski (B.F. A. paint- 
ing and printmaking) taught a chil- 
dren's art class during the summer for 
the Petersburg Area Art League. 

Charles W. Noe (B.S. business ad- 
ministration and management) has 
been named basketball coach at 
Smithdeal-Massey Business College. 

Gilbert Scamati (M.S. rehabilitation 
counseling) has been appointed coor- 
dinator of Handicapped Student Ser- 
vices and Counseling Center at GuLf 
Coast College, Panama City, Florida. 
He also teaches undergraduate courses 
in personality theory and counseling 
theory at the college. 

Linda Wilburn Shepard (B.F. A. 
communication arts and design) has 
won an award for an album cover de- 
sign for "Statutory Rock From XL- 
102." "The competition was strong . . . 
but one entry stood out and all the 
judges agreed that the winning entry 
was superb" said XL-102 program di- 
rector, Illyse Jennings of Shepard's 

Thomas E. Sneeringer (M.B.A.) is 
assistant pulp mill superintendent with 
Union Camp Corporation in Franklin, 

Homer E.Alberti (M.Ed, administra- 
tion and supervision) has been 
awarded the distinguished high school 
teaching award from the Virginia Sec- 
tion of the American Chemical Society 
for his teaching of high school chemis- 
try at Douglas S. Freeman High School 
in Richmond, Virginia. 

Cheryl L. Dale (B.S. mass communi- 
cations) has joined the U.S. Army 
Troop Support Agency as an editoral 
clerk in the word processing center, 
directorate of food services at Fort Lee, 

Frank J. McNally (M.S. mass com- 
munications) has joined the public af- 
fairs staff of Continental Telephone of 
Virginia. His duties will include com- 
munity relations, public relations, 
training and local government rela- 

K. Al Rainey (B.S. physical educa- 
tion) has been named sports editor of 
the Clinch Valley Nni's. Part of his re- 
sponsibilities will be to establish a 
sports section for that newspaper as 
well as continue his duties as sports 
editor of the Richlands News-Press. 


Ram Rage strikes again this fall. Join the Rams as they make it three 
years in a row as Sun Belt Conference champions. 

See NCAA basketball at its best. The Rams plan to make it a Final 
Four year. Join them. 

For their opener the Rams play the Australian National Team on 
November 16 at Richmond Coliseum. Then they take on U.Va. at 
Charlottesville as one of the U.Va. Tipoff Tournament contenders on 
November 27 and 28. 

Get in a Rage! A Ram Rage! Join the action team! 

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